“Show a dog an ounce of love and he will be your friend for life!”

Having heard a thousand times that dogs are a man’s best friend, there are still things that we tend to forget at times. You may find 5 in every 10 people who call themselves dog lovers. So let us look at some things that every dog lover or one who is planning to get one must know. Some of them may already be known but not practised though!

Dogs try to make their master happy

Not just the master but anyone who is around them constantly, the dogs considers him or her close and tries to keep them happy. However, this they cannot do on their own. Humans too need to teach them tricks so that they understand what humans like. And once they know it all they will do the best to impress you.

dog loves kids


They look at you for help

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Dogs look up to you when they are in need or in some trouble. If they need to pee or are unwell or are stuck somewhere or even if scared of something, they need your help and care. Dogs trust the humans around them completely.

They know you are angry

Just a glare or a gesture that you use often and they know they have done something wrong. Dogs can easily sense when someone is angry at them but they not always know why that is so. Although the dog may become frustrated if he is not treated right because he can sense justice too!

dog lovers


They know you are not well

Dogs can tell when a person is not in a normal condition as he sees him or her. So if you are sick or have someone not well at home, dogs can sense that easily and show all their affection towards them. They try their best to comfort someone in need and can also sense your sadness. Thus, they truly are a man’s best friend whether you acknowledge them or ignore them.


They do not like to be alone

Having no choice is another case but usually dogs do not like being alone. So if you leave them alone for week then they won’t be happy and may take out their anger or frustration either on their surroundings or on themselves. So make sure you are by their side most of the time or at least someone is.



They love to learn

Although the above comes with a condition – treat them if they do well! Dogs usually like to stay active and do new things all the time. So teach them some useful thing once a while so that he is not bored. Also treat them when they do well because dogs love appreciation too. A little treat and they go gaga over you.

Although all this may be very much known to all dog lovers but still we tend to forget it when it comes to putting it to practice. So now when you see your dog, make sure you recall it all.