6 quotes that describe different types of friendships


Not all friendships are alike. You have different bonds with different people. You might love them all but they have a different place in your heart.

1. Best friends are people you don’t need to talk to every single day.you don’t need to talk for weeks. But when you do it’s as if you never stopped talking.

Two women in a cafe
Two women in a cafe

You might have friends who live far away from your place. You might not see them everyday or talk to them very often but that doesn’t affect your friendship at all. Whenever you meet you have loads of talks and you forget everything else and get involved in your endless chats.

2. Some relationships are like Tom and Jerry. They irritate each other. They tease each other. But they can’t still live without each other.
Tom and Jerry
All of us have that one friend who is always poking you, irritating you and making fun of you. You fight a lot with each other. But even a thought of separation gives you goosebumps. You cannot live without each other.

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3. What? You too? I thought i was the only one.
All of us have that one friend who is our photocopy in terms of habits. Whenever you say you like something he/she is the one in your team. He might be your partner in all the weird things you might have done. Eventually, he becomes your partner in crime.

4. If your friends don’t make fun of you, they’re not really your friends.
Then you have friends who are always ready to make fun of you. You are their source of entertainment. LOL. They do not leave a chance to laugh at you and so do you.You people are meant to be together and laugh together. When he/she is around you cannot help laughing.

5. Friendship isn’t about whom you’ve known the longest. It’s about who came and never left your side.
It’s not important to have a friend who knows you from a very long time. There are times when your oldest friends leave you or forget you when you are not in touch. But there are acquaintances who become your best friends in no time. You are bonded by love and not the years of friendship.

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6. A best friend is that friend who can make you laugh even when you bet on never smiling again.
Then you have friends who always turn your frown into crisp laughter. They know how to make you happy. They make you smile and bring you back to life when you are depressed. They can never see you sad. They know the things in which your true happiness lies.