Role of Chiropractic Care in Sports Injury Prevention


You have probably heard that chiropractors help people with all different kinds of health problems. They can help with everything from back and neck pain to sciatica and chronic headaches. However, you may not know that chiropractic care plays a major role in sports injury prevention. 

According to, athletes have been going to doctors to help them prevent injuries for a long time. In some cases, athletes may need painful, expensive, and time-consuming surgery or physical therapy. In other cases, they may use illegal steroids to enhance their performance. Steroids are extremely dangerous; sometimes even lethal. 

There are several different ways in which a chiropractor can help athletes with injury prevention and performance. 

Increased Range of Motion

Chiropractic care can help an athlete increase their range of motion. When a spine is misaligned, there will be a lot of tension in the spinal cord. They will not be able to stretch and bend the way they once did. 

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When a chiropractor adjusts a person’s spine, they will be able to move freely again. This is a tremendous advantage to a baseball player who needs to be able to run fast and swing a bat, a dancer who needs to bend and leap, or a volleyball player who often stretches their arms over their head. 

You are much less likely to get injured when your range of motion is restored. Your blood will flow more freely when you have a full range of motion and your spine is aligned properly. Healthy blood flow is necessary for healing because blood carries nutrients to the area of the injury. It removes waste through the lymphatic system and helps you to heal.

Reduces Pain 

There are pairs of nerve roots branching from your spinal cord located in the spaces between your vertebrae. The nerves are attached to specific parts of your body. Damage to the spinal cord or its misalignment can cause pain in some regions of your body.

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When your spine is in alignment, it helps damaged nerves to heal. When you relieve pressure from the nerves in the area of your body that is troubling you, you will feel better.

Recovery Times Are Reduced 

It will take far less time to recover from an injury when you undergo chiropractic treatment. When bones and soft tissue are aligned as they should be, blood will flow properly, and injuries will heal faster. You will be able to get back to playing sports sooner. 

When a chiropractor treats you, they will often use stainless steel tools to break up bruises. They will use muscle stimulation with a small electric tool to relieve tension. They will often massage the area they treat and give you stretching exercises to make the healing faster. 

If you are an athlete, chiropractic care can make you heal faster, perform better, and do what you love more often.