How To Make Your CTV Video Work For You


Nowadays, many options allow CTV video creators to share their content and earn revenue for it. How to choose the proper method to monetize? It depends on the type of content you share, your target audience, and the goals you strive to achieve. Let’s review some common ways to earn revenue from your CTV content.


Connected TV is extremely popular today, and that’s no secret. As quarantine continues, more and more viewers are watching videos on-demand and live streams via CTV devices. They are even buying subscriptions to be able to watch high-quality content anytime. It’s no wonder why video content creators are trying to get the most out of the benefits offered by CTV. Among the most popular ways of monetizing your channel are the SVOD and AVOD models.

You may provide access to your video content by offering a paid subscription to it. This model is called Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD). With SVOD, your revenue will depend on the number of viewers who purchase access to your channel. You may benefit the most when your channel already has some loyal viewers ready to pay to watch your videos. 

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If you are not ready to take such a step, you may start CTV monetization with Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD). This model involves video ads that may appear during content playback. Thus, you can make your videos available to a broader audience for free just by inserting a couple of ads. This is an excellent method to build revenue growth while attracting loyal viewers who might later want to buy a subscription when you decide to offer premium content.

What are the advantages of AVOD both for viewers and the creators?

– viewers can watch videos for free with slight interruptions by a few short ads – viewers have gotten used to watching ads to access content, so there’s little investment on the viewer side needed to start watching your content

– the content is delivered precisely to your target audience so that ads won’t annoy the viewer

– CTV ads are distinguished by high viewability mostly because there is no option of skipping them, and viewers want to continue watching the videos

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– the audience gets more engaged because the quality of the shown ads is high – these are not just regular online ads – they’re premium content.

Earning Revenue With Your Monetization Platform

There is no need to do everything on your own in terms of monetizing your CTV content. You can choose ready-made solutions that include all the tools and algorithms necessary for promoting your CTV video content. For instance, video monetization platform VlogBox is a globally trusted brand for video distribution and monetization through targeted, high-quality OTT/CTV video ads. If you already have a base of loyal viewers and want to improve your income from your videos, you can start with minimal effort by creating an account and uploading your content. After an easy integration process, you can start monetizing your content using any model that fits your requirements best. Moreover, you get full support anytime you need it.

When you promote your videos on other platforms, your ability to manage them is limited, restricting your ability to use marketing tools to their fullest. You also have to add marketing expenses to your budget. But with the help of custom video monetization solutions, you can be your marketer and manage everything in just the way that works best for you. Apart from that, you can track all the nuances of video ad performance using analytical tools, making it easy for you to adjust monetization strategy on the fly and boost revenue, and receive the income you deserve for your hard work.