4 Reasons Why People Prefer Netflix Over Free Torrent Content?


Even though it is unethical, several people prefer Netflix over free torrent; stealing content through torrent instead of rightfully watching it with a nominal fee on Netflix. Even so, Netflix is still standing strong without any setbacks or whatsoever. So how does Netflix manage to beat the torrent thievery?

1. User’s convenience

Even though many people are torrent users, not all of them know how to exactly deal with the process. Plus, why search through hours for the right torrent when you can easily watch the show or movie with a nominal fee for a whole month?

2. Risk of malware

The reason why so many people fear torrent is because of the malware. Downloading files through torrent can expose the system of your device upon harmful malware that will eventually damage it. The cost of malware removal is very expensive compared to the safe surfing on Netflix.

3. Torrents are illegal

As mentioned before, torrents are an unethical way to download content and also referred to as stealing. Although the chance of getting caught is very narrow, it still is considered dangerous. Is also is a major loss factor for the movie crew as are you are online pirating.

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4. Features

Netflix offers you several convenient features to make your experience more comfortable. You get to set your preferred audio, subtitles and resolution. You also get special show suggestions built in the app. This again minimizes the need to surf through shady torrent sites for hours.

Although several users still prefer to use torrent and it will only be safe for those who know how to use torrents, the risks will still be there. However, these were the reasons why people prefer Netflix over free torrent contents but the choices of each individual may vary based on personal reasons.