Pheobe’s Weird Names: F.R.I.E.N.D.S Compilation


Pheobe Buffay is one of the most iconic character of the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Known for her happy go lucky weirdness and badass personality, Pheobe’s quirkiness is highly contagious. One of the funniest thing she did was giving out weird names to everyone, from her brother’s baby to herself. Here’s a compilation of all Pheobe’s Weird Names!

Joey’s Stage Name:

Remember Season 1 Episode 21 when Joey was looking for a good stage name. Yes it was hilarious Chandler suggesting Joseph Stalin. But do you remember the name Pheebs suggested?! The answer is Flame Boy!

The Love Traingle song:

When Racheal and Ross finally kissed in Season 2 Episode 8, Ross was already dating Julie. In his jeopardy he asked Pheobe to play a song. Well, Pheebs being Pheebs makes up three people Betty, Neil and Loolie in a love triangle song. So much to cover up the situation.

Monica’s Middle Name:

TOW Sports Car Bed, Season 3 Episode 7; when the Mattress King delivers the bed and confuses Pheobe with Monica. He asks her to sign the delivery papers and Pheobe signs it as ‘Monica Felula Geller.’ Haha, yes Felula.

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Pete’s State:

Pheebs suggests Monica’s billionaire Boyfriend Pete to buy a state in Season 3 Episode 19 and name it after him. “Like, Pete Dakota?” “Or, Mississi-Pete”

Spiderman vs. Goldman:

Pheobe is mildly worried that why Spiderman isn’t a last name like Goldman, Silverman in Season 3 Episode 19. Yeah, that’s our Pheebs there. Chandler takes the trouble to explain her the truth.

Rachel’s Dad is at Flimbees:

When Pheobe’s phone breaks, she uses Monica’s Phone to call the company for replacement in Season 3 Episode 22. Rachel’s dad rings in between and Pheobe couldn’t remember the exact place he mentions. So, while passing the message to Rachel she says her dad is at Flimbees. It’s the name Pheobe uses when she can’t remember the real thing.

Frank’s Baby:

Alice (her sister-in-law) asks Pheobe to put her name down for one of the boy triplets in Season 4 Episode 18. Pheobe does comes up with some hilarious names. Cougar, Exxon, The Hulk (actually suggested by Joey), Chanoey and what not.

Regina Phalange:

You definitely remember this. Who doesn’t it is Pheobe’s to go name when she can’t use her own name like in Season 5 Episode 24 to lure Joey’s hand twin or when she acts with Ken Adams (Joey) on how to give fake names.

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Her Assistant:

Remember the episode the one that could have been Season 6 Episode 15? Pheobe is a successful broker and wants to hire an assistant. A girl named Brindy calls Pheobe doesn’t like her name and renames her Joan.

Writing Monica and Chandler:

In Season 6 Episode 21 when Monica and Chandler have a petty argument Pheobe thinks it would be funny to pen it down. When Monica snaps her against it. She renames them as Marsha and Chester.


In Season 7 Episode 20, Pheoebe claims to be in a sorority named Thigh Mega Tampon.

Rachel and Ross’s baby:

Season 8 Episode 13, Rachel and Ross are discussing their choices of names for their baby when Pheobe jumps in and suggests. If it’s a girl Pheobe, if it’s a boy Pheobo.

Her imaginary babies:

When Pheobe faces a cash crunch in Season 9 Episode 11, Joey suggests her to work as an extra in Days of Our Lives and Phoebe invents her imaginary babies to get into the character and calls them Davey and Becky.

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Bob the Rat:

Pheobe’s names her ‘occasional visitor’ rat in her cupboard as Bob in Season 9 Episode 12. And just so you know Bob is a girl.


When Pheobe and Mike patch up, Phoebe meets Mike’s casual girlfriend Precious. But it is such a weird name for her and she changes it to Susie in Season 10 Episode 1.

Princess Consuela Bananahammock:

This is one of the most hilarious scenes of the series. After marrying Mike, Phoebe goes to change her surname. But learning that she can change everything, she chooses to rename herself as Princess Consuela Bananahammock but her friends call her Valerie. Well it’s fun, it’s different, no one else has a name like it. That’s Season 10 Episode 14.

That’s all for Pheobe’s Weird Names. Which one of the Pheobe’s Weird Names made you laugh the most? Tell us in the comments.