10 All-Time Favorite Movies on Drug Addiction and Recovery


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A lot of inspiring films have been made on substance addiction to date, that give a glimpse of the life and challenges of addicts and the encouraging ways in which they overcome them. 

Such meaningful content puts the catastrophic consequences of addiction into perspective for recovering addicts and can make a huge difference by inspiring others to take the same path.

Best Movies On Addiction And Recovery

If you’re struggling with addiction or an addict friend, motivational movies will give you the courage to take the right steps. Finding the willpower to get out of addiction is a massive first step already! If you feel you’re ready, you should check out the inpatient drug rehab at Muse in LA for help.

Here’s a curated list of 10 must-watch movies on addiction:

1) Clean And Sober (1988): Its an American drama that follows a cocaine-addicted real estate dealer Daryl Poynter, his failures, challenges, broken relationships and how his life changes after he meets a drug rehab counselor Craig, played by one of the greatest actors of all time, Morgan Freeman. 

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2) Russell Brand – From Addiction To Recovery (2012):  This is an inspirational documentary on comedian Russell Brand’s life. The movie takes us through a flashback of his pathway toward recovery from a 15-year-long heroin drug addiction after he loses one of his friends to overdose.

3) A Star Is Born (2018): It’s a romantic drama starring Bradley Cooper as Jack, an alcoholic musician whose addiction destroys his career and love life, which forces him into a seemingly unending cycle of addiction with devastating consequences that follow after. 

4) Homerun (2013): This film is about a baseball player named Cory Brand. The sports drama follows his journey from an addict to becoming a successful coach for a junior baseball league team after going through rehabilitation. It also explores a range of emotions like fear, self-blame, redemption and rediscovery that Cory goes through as an addict. 

5) Ben Is Back (2018): This intense drama is about how a mother Holly tries everything in her power to keep her son Ben from relapsing into a long-running addiction. The story takes us through the frightening challenges Ben faces while trying to keep away from drugs which can be strikingly relatable.

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6) Beautiful Boy (2018): It’s a must-watch story of a teenager with a seemingly bright future who tries to experiment with drugs but ends up with uncontrollable meth addiction and how his father pulls out all the stops to help him out of it. The story explores the heartbreaking peculiarities of a father and son relationship along with portraying a family’s struggle with coping with addiction. 

7) Requiem For A Dream (2000): This psychological drama is about a single mother who in the struggle to lose weight and feel better about herself indulges in addictive supplements, which starts affecting her mental health. It demonstrates how addiction can destroy dreams and damage lives to a point of no return. 

8) Being Charlie (2015): It’s the story of an 18-year-old privileged kid, who is struggling with drug addiction and is forced into rehab. The theme revolves around acceptance being the key to recovery. As he battles to turn his life around, he is compelled to face the consequences of addiction on his life and family.

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9) The Basketball Diaries (1995): A talented high-school basketball player Jim Caroll played by Leonardo Dicaprio, who dreams of becoming the star of the sport finds himself stuck in the world of heroin addiction after he gets used to it in the attempt to escape from depression and the sad realities of his life and his search of purity from them. 

10) Permanent Midnight (1998): The story is about a writer who puts his career and relationships at stake under the influence of heroin addiction which worsens when he moves in with another already addicted friend. 


Every movie recommended above touches on some of the most important aspects of addiction through well-spun thought-provoking tales. They not only convey how addiction affects an individual but also the people around them.

If you are also striving to triumph over addiction, take appropriate treatments with determination to change and become your own real-life hero!