Top 10 Most Famous Cafes in Kolkata


Hanging out with friends or to start a conversation over a cup of coffee Kolkata offers many scopes for it at every lane of the city in the form of cafes. The diversity of cafe staring from expensive to affordable, fancy to regular Kolkata has it all.

Here are the top 10 cafes you can check out in Kolkata.

1. Coffee house

How about starting the cafe hunting with a touch of tradition? Here we go with the most traditional cafe in Kolkata, a coffee house. College Street coffee house is not just a cafe but also a nostalgic and remarkable spot. College students from all over the city gather here to hang out after college. The food is reasonable and affordable for students. Though the coffee house is not as fancy as the emerging ones still it’s simplicity holds a special place in the hearts of all Bengalis.

2. Bon Appetit

Affordable yet fancy this is how Bon Appetit is described. An ideal place to hang out with friends. The decore and the food are on point. The dices,  the checkered floor, the frames on the wall, and the hanging decors add more flavour to the food. Your watery mouth won’t be able to resist the delicious paratha or the desserts. Even if chocolate Avalanche is your favouite still your eyes will look for the grilled sandwiches.  Your purse needs to carry around 250 rupees for each if you are planning to dig on the plate of Bon Appetit. There are multiple outlets of this cafe in Kolkata and Zomato is praising Bon Appetit with a 4.0/5 rating.

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3. Wise owl

This cafe in Purna Das road is very much visually aesthetic, The interior decoration along with its lighting gives out a whole new edge to the place. But the USP of this cafe is the exterior part. Sitting arrangements outside the cafe with cute white fencing and hanging plants drag people towards the cafe. Now coming to the food – staring from coffee to breakfast, cereals to sandwiches and meals -wise owl offers it all. Coming here with friends or family can lift up your mood.

 4. Mr Magpie

Having multiple outlets all over the city Mr. Magpie is one of the most affordable cafes in Kolkata. Be it a sip of hot chocolate coffee or a bite of cupcakes Mr. Magpie never fails to disappoint a foodie. The ambiance of this cafe is colorful enough to cheer you up. The Zomato rating for  Mr. Magpie is 4.1/5. This cafe is also pretty affordable, Rs 500 for 2 will be enough.  Be it breakfast, snacks, shakes, or supper just one visit to the cafe can fulfill your demand.

 5. The Bikers cafe 

With 4.2/5 rating in zomato The Bikers cafe stands as one of the best cafes in Kolkata. This cafe of Elgin road has a sense of speed and pace in its name, theme, and decore. Live music performances alone with American and European dishes change the flavor of our monotonous life. Most Preferred by celebs, this cafe has a lot to offer staring from baked items, breakfast, desserts and so on.

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6. The love Room

The Love Room is different from other cafes.  It is not only for your friends and families but also for your extended families, that is your pets. The love Room allows you to carry your pets to the cafe and enjoy with them. It offers a playful time for you and your pet. This pet-friendly cafe is not only well decorated but also has a variety of foods be offered- be it Coffee, shakes, or waffles The love Room serves it all with love and care. Located at Tollygunge this cafe secured a rating of  4.2/5 on Zomato.  Carrying Rs 800 for two will do the work.

7. Calcutta 64

One of the most reasonable cafes in Kolkata with a zomato rating of 4.2/5 offers food within approx Rs 450 for two. Calcutta 64 in the salt lake has a heavenly interior decore with beautiful lighting and a cozy seating arrangement. Outside the cafe, there is also a tidy and airy seating arrangement.  Coming here with friends to have pizzas, coffee, or barbeque dishes is a great idea.

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8. Kookie jar cafe

Not only coffee and shakes but also ice cream, pastries, and desserts are loved by all. Here comes the ideal cafe in salt lake with a rating of 4.5/5 in zomato which offers all you wish for. The cost for two is approx Rs 350 in this kookie jar cafe, which is affordable for all.come here with your loved once to enjoy the experience. Sip and chat with cookies and pastries can make a perfect date.

9. Kafe 9

Kafe 9 is One of the most well-decorated cafes in Kolkata. This cafe at golpark serves a variety of good food.  The coffee,  KitKat shake, or the momos and pizzas all the dishes are mouth-watering. Coming on a lunch date or throwing a birthday treat for friends, kafe 9 will never leave you disappointed.

10. Tribe cafe 

Tribe cafe in gariahat might be a little expensive but it serves the best dishes. The coffee,  salads, shakes, or platters all the items are of great quality and taste. Coming to the interior decore – Apart from the amazing lighting, seating arrangements and wall decors there are books and magazines to read. Food, music, and books -Maybe This is what we call perfect.