Main Things to Know about Car Rental in Florida


Florida is a gigantic resort metropolis with developed transport links.

We will tell you about the features of car rental in this American state. On this article there is a review of the “pitfalls” and a list of tips concerning Orlando car rental 18 years old drivers.


General info about car rental

In Florida, lots of cars of different brands and models are available for hire, and you can pay daily, weekly or hourly rental. Rental conditions and the price will satisfy the most demanding traveler. Since Florida is quite a hot place, cars are equipped with air conditioning and automatic transmissions. 


What is included in the price?

It should be noted that for all American offices it is typical to include in the contract unlimited mileage and standard SLI + CDW insurance. For the navigator, car seat or second driver will have to pay extra.


What car to hire?

It makes no sense to rent a luxury car in Miami for a simple tourist – you will be lost in a stream of expensive cars. Take a compact and comfortable car, suitable for long-distance crossings and go traveling along coastal areas. 

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Take at least full size (Dodge Charger) or an SUV (something like a BMW X3). In large and powerful cars, it will be comfortable to move over long distances, to transport suitcases, to lie back while moving between cities, and in general, the handling of such cars gives the driver more convenience and less fatigue.


Car rental conditions 

Do you wonder how old do you have to be to rent a car in Florida? By law, people of at least 21 years old can rent a vehicle here. However, they must have a driving experience of 1 year. If you are 1-2 years younger, then unfortunately it will be hard to find the services of a rental organization. However, it is possible to rent a compact/economy car only in small companies for additional fee.


Documents required

 To draw up a contract for the rental of a vehicle, you must have the following documents with you: an international passport; a credit card with a certain amount of money in the account; driver’s license; confirmation of reservation through the online service in the form of a printed voucher (only needed in case of a preliminary reservation).

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 As soon as the contract with the company is signed, you will need to pay the rental price and pay a deposit. As a rule, the security amount ranges from 300 to 500 dollars (depending on the model of car). The security deposit is needed for those cases where you do not comply with the terms of the lease. For example, if you return a damaged car or overdue the return time specified in the contract, the company has the right to take back the entire deposit or a certain part of it.


 The main advantage of car rental under 21 in Florida as well as for other ages is that the local fuel policy is based on a full tank fuel system. 

Advice! Before the trip, think carefully about the route. It is also recommended to make the list of all sights and places you are going to visit before your visit to the USA, so that you know exactly where you will go first and what you need to see on the way.

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You can drive around Florida without any problems – there are snack bars, motels and cheap gas stations at every corner. Take care of yourself and have a good journey!