Hip-Hop’s Next Billionaires: Richest Rappers 2022


Hip Hop’s first billionaire Jay-Z caught massive public attention when Forbes announced the news in June. 

His life is the ultimate rags to riches story. His taught the audience to live with the “Empire State of Mind”.

Hip Hop began at the humble streets of New York and that makes Jay-Z the perfect representative of Hip Hop.

From streets to “palaces”, the kind of transformation Hip Hop often preaches about is not far from reality. Along the road of success, the wealth these artists accumulate is no joke.

Although Jay Z is the first to reach the mark, many have eyes on the price in this race to reach their first billie. Here’s a few to keep your eyes on.



An outstanding rapper, songwriter and producer, Jay-Z has birthed more hits in a decade than most artists do in their lifetime.

Starting from his own record label, to his own fashion line and even his own cognac, Jay Z has been “raking in the dough”. His earning has been consistent and he made a few golden investments in companies like Partake Foods & Uber.

Jay-Z’s lyrics often boast about his achievements and wealth. His wealth includes lavish real states, expensive art collection, Music Tech Company Aspiro, luxury Champagne brand Armand de Brignac and so much more.


Dr. Dre

At 800 Million, Dr. Dre is rapidly catching up to his first Billion. Although he started off as a rapper, he is mostly known as the producer of many hits.

He guided the careers of many Rappers including Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 50 cents and many others. Hip Hop sensation Kendrick Lamar is one of his more recent proteges. Many of these artists were signed by his label, Aftermath records.

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His wealth consists of the many investments he made in real estate, including a $40 million mansion. 

With Jimmy Lovine of Interscope Records, he co-founded Beats Electronics through which the headphones called Beats by Dr. Dre was created. In 2014, he sold Beats Electronics to Apple for a whopping three billion.


P Diddy

Like Jay-Z, P Diddy is one of the OGs of the Hip Hop world. As a business mastermind, he might make it into the Billion Dollars club soon.

Similar to Dre, Diddy has aided the careers of Hip Hops stars like Notorious B.I.G, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans & Usher. His label Bad Boy Records has produced many all-time hit songs and albums in the span of 26 years.

A natural entrepreneur, Diddy’s many profitable business ventures include the fashion brand Sean John & Comb Enterprises. 

He owns majority shares of Revolt TV. His biggest money-making venture is his partnership with the vodka brand Ciroc. At 740 Million, P Diddy is on his way up.


Kanye West

Kanye West is not your usual rap legend. Most big names in Hip Hop came from the streets, clawing their way up. Kanye, a college dropout, never quite fitted into that crowd.

More arrogant than most, Kanye West is at another level. As a producer, songwriter and lyricist, he has coined many chart-toppers.

Although his albums sold millions of copies, he made most of his fashion line. In collaboration with ADIDAS, West’s Yeezy line of shoes and apparel, is his ace card.

His net worth value at $250 million, is far from the likes of Jay-Z & Diddy. But, the world has already witnessed what Kanye West can do with his sheer will power. His billion is not far away.

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Eminem is often cited as the king of Hip Hop. According to Forbes, he is the best selling rapper of all time. Dr. Dre’s most successful protege, Eminem has bagged 15 Grammys.

Unlike the others on this list, he made most of his money just by being an artist. His album sales, both physical and digital downloads, have raked in millions for him.

Insider stated that Eminem makes about 10 to 15 million per year. Most of his money comes from tours and music sales. His academy award-winning movie “8 Mile” made a profit in millions.

His earnings from his record label, Shady Records, also boosted his wealth. At $210 million, Eminem’s source of millions is his music.


Pharrell Williams

Over the years, Pharrell Williams, has branched out into multiple endeavors. As a singer, rapper, songwriter and lyricist, Williams is an established artist. 

As an entrepreneur, he formed “I am OTHER”. The creative multimedia company serves as the base for all his businesses, including his own label.

A fashion icon, Williams made many fashion ventures. He teamed up with the Japanese fashion designer Nigo and produced the brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. His creative ventures branches out from apparel to furniture!

As a Grammy-winning artist, he produced hit songs for himself and many artists. He participated in composing music for a few blockbusters including Despicable Me and The Amazing Spider-Man-2. His net worth is $150 million.



One of the most talented songwriters of his generation, Drake has bagged many achievements. Making a lot of money is definitely one. 

Few of his releases have become a global sensation. The “Kiki Challenge” inspired by his hit “In My Feelings” caused social media frenzy last year.

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His record label OVO Sounds is committed to creating unique music. His several endorsements deals have made him millions. 

His business mind has opened many profitable paths for him, including a $19 million deal with Apple Music. His bourbon whiskey brand Virginia Black is highly successful. His investments include real estate, a restaurant, a night club, a private jet, etc. 

The net worth of $150 million is only the beginning for the 32-year-old.


Nicki Minaj

With the net worth of whopping $85 million, Nicki Minaj is the only woman rap star on this list. A talented rapper, she penned a deal with Lil’ Wayne’s label Young Money Entertainment.

Much like her label mate Drake, she also made a lot of money from various endorsements, including MAC Cosmetics, Pepsi, Nokia, ADIDAS, etc. 

In collaboration with other brands, she created her own clothing line, makeup, perfume, speakers and even wine. As an actress, she participated in a few successful movies.

Her success story has become an inspiration for women empowerment.



The Hip Hop lifestyle screams of wealth and luxury. For many of these artists, this billion-dollar dream is not far from reality. 


From their own labels to their own business, these artists are setting an example for the audience. They show that following your passion can be highly profitable if you make it!