How to Start a Travel Blog: 10 Must have Tools.


Wondering about How to start a Travel Blog? Apart from the writer’s interest to write, travel blogs are all about getting people itchy to their bags and go on a trip. Hence, some tools are necessary if you want to write a successful travel blog. Here is a list of some of the basic tools you will need to start a travel blog.

A good hosting platform

Firstly, a good hosting platform means your backups are in place, troubleshooting of problems automatically on time, easy to approach, good speed and malware protection. Your hosting platform provides you with the server you need for your blog.

A good template

Secondly, a blog should make strategic first impressions. One good way to do that is using an attractive template. Especially, ask your website developer to specifically choose or design template that works for you.

SEO Tools

Undoubtedly, there are numerous travel blogs out there, containing the same destinations. In order to stand out, a travel blogger should have in-depth knowledge of SEO to increase the reach of his/ her blog.

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Google Analytics

It is important to keep a tap on your blog’s reach. The best way to do this is by using Google Analytics. Google Analytics will give you in depth analysis of your blog and its viewers.

Image Optimisers

This is one of the must needed tools for travel bloggers. The photographs you attach may have huge size that take time to load. It will just turn off your visitors. A good image optimiser tool can solve it this problem.

Good Gallery

This is the best way to mesmerize the visitors by your amazing photographs. Indeed, the best way to do that is by using a good gallery plugin. There are various different option which have many templates to arrange your photos.

Email Subscription

You can ask your visitors to subscribe to your travel blog and they will be automatically notified whenever you for something new on it. There are many bulk email sending platforms like Mail Chimp available in paid and free version.

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CDN Tools

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. In most basic sense it is a distribution of network that transfers webpages and content. Also, good CDN tool will increase your blogs performance.

Malware Protection

If you want to keep your blog safe the first thing you do is to install a malware protection plugin. Particularly, it acts as an antivirus tool. Indeed, this should be your high priority plugin. Your blog will get attacked the moment you leave it unprotected.

Backup Tool:

Though your hosting platform also offers backup it would be a wise decision to have the backup of your blog with you. You can easily do this by installing a backup plugin.

So these are some of the must have things that you will need to start a travel blog. Hope we solved your How to start a travel blog question.