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Football is far from just a sport for fans. It’s a spectacle, it’s a passion and it’s a business like everything else. Football is connected to fame, fashion, and respect for the game. It’s what makes fans around the world support their hometown team even though foreign players are in it. Football has many sides.

There are so many football games returning to TV. We’ve already seen one great final in England during the premier league and we’re to see more and more football games in the future. The coronavirus hit the sports world very hard but sports clubs managed to somehow go through with the situation and come up with creative solutions. The European league is coming and the qualifications for it are sure making fans intrigued too. Let’s delve into who can qualify and how not to miss any games.

Check out Live Score Apps

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As games return to the small screen, we’ve come up with some great ways to avoid missing any games. Apps like TeleFootball allow you to follow the schedule for live football as well as to-the-second live scores in case you do a missed game. Livescore apps and websites are very easy to use and you can usually see the game that you’re interested in watching right at the front page (especially if the game is live on TV today). They’re a great tool for any fan especially during uncertain times like this – if any game gets cancelled you’d still get notifications and it would be on the front page at the time any game is cancelled. 


The best thing about Livescore apps and websites such as is that they won’t just update you on the results of popular football leagues such as the Champions League or the Premier League but also the smaller ones around the world.

One thing we have to mention is that although livescore apps and websites are great you can’t watch a live game one it.

European League Qualifications

As Liverpool already secured its place in the European league as Premier League winners, there are some more games we can expect. Manchester City also managed to secure a place in the European competitions by winning the Carabao Cup. But let’s see how the European League qualifications even work.

The most important thing you have to know is that the top four teams in the Premier League are set to qualify for the Champions League. Then the teams following those four (the fifth, or the winner of the FA CUP, or the EFL winners) set to qualify for the UEFA Europa League. Those rules are also set to change in certain conditions.  Those are: if the FA Cup winners finish in the top five of the Premier League then their place will go to the next-highest ranked team. The same goes for the EFL Cup winners in caser they finish in the top finish of the Premier League.

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Let’s see which English football clubs can qualify

Sheffield United defeated Chelsea which can change the European qualifications placements. Now it seems like Chelsea might miss the European League. The team is set up to play more games and we’ll see what happens. Chelsea still remains in the Champions League so we’re up to a football spectacle while waiting for the qualifications. 

Leicester can also qualify for the Champions League but the team is struggling to keep up in recent months. Sports specialists say that they might need three wins to stay at the game but they have trouble winning games this season.

Manchester United is yet to see what happens. They are a point behind Leicester and have more games to play to see if they’re going to be able to qualify for the European league. Sports specialists expect them to have an easy route to the European league, however. 

Wolves managed to surprise fans a lot this season. It suffered defeats by Arsenal and Sheffield United but they did win the game with Everton. This means that if they get three wins – then were up to see if they qualify for the European League.

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And if we’re to talk about Sheffield United there’s a lot we can say this season. They managed to defeat a lot of teams this season including Tottenham and Chelsea. They still need to play against Leicester, Everton, and Southampton to be sure they qualify. But they are certainly one of the most interesting teams this season.

Tottenham can certainly qualify for the European league especially if they continue their strong stroke. They have remaining games with some hard to win against teams. But we’ll wait and see if they manage to get a spot.

Arsenal has lost some significant games this season and fans are worried that they may not be able to qualify. They still have to win matches against very strong teams such as Liverpool to qualify.

Another team we look out for is Burnley – they have more points to get to be able to qualify but they have a better chance of outcome compared to Arsenal as of these days. Let’s see what happens.