Destination Wedding: Is it a Profit or Loss?


Destination Weddings are the trending a lot these days. Not only amongst the high-class society but the general crowd is opting for Destination Weddings. If you are someone who is about to enter matrimony, this is something you should read before finalising your wedding details. Here are a few reasons why Destination Wedding is the best option for you:

Pocket Friendly:

Money is one of the biggest inhibitions against Destination Weddings. Many people think that Destination Weddings are a big burden on their pocket. Blame it to bad press. Destination Weddings can be extremely inexpensive, especially if both sides are sharing costs. A good wedding planner can get all you want within your budget.

Get Together

When was the last time you and your entire family tree was together, eating at the same table? Aren’t these meals the best! Destination Weddings means the entire family together at the same place for at least two days. Endless fun without interruption of strangers.

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No Traffic, No Tardiness:

Imagine one of you getting late while the other has to wait on your special day. All this due to a traffic jam you didn’t cause. With Destination Weddings this problem is solved. When everyone is staying at the same location, there isn’t any problems of heavy traffic jams spoiling your mood or makeup.

Cherish that Bond.

Marriage can give chills of nervousness to many. Sometimes you doubt till the last moment. If you are having a Destination Wedding you and your partner can keep a check on each other. You can assure each other and handle the petty family dramas together.

Amazing Photos.

Destination Weddings means a different place with scenic beauty. You can have your Wedding Photographs at exotic locations.

Well Planned.

Destination Weddings comes with a good wedding planner. It means you or your family members can enjoy each moment without having to worry about the flower delivery or other hassles.

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Couple Trips.

You and your partner can enjoy little trips around the place. Travelling and site seeing is the best way to bond. Moreover, you can enjoy a warm hug or sneak a kiss without having troubles with the elders.

New Cuisine

If you are the ‘foodie couple’ this perk will catch your attention. You can have an authentic menu of local cuisine on the wedding day. Since most of the Destination Wedding package comes with an in-house Chef you can customise your food.

More Time.

Since everything is in one place, Destination Weddings will give you more time for everything. More time to sleep, more time to get your eyeliner perfect… From Salon to SPA you can get all the service at one place saving a lot of time which you can utilise and enjoy your last few days of being unmarried.

No extra bucks for your bachelorette party.

You can throw a chic bachelorette party/ hen party for your favourite cousins without spending a huge amount of money. A separate banquet with proper arrangements and you can happily say goodbye to your single bed and Exs’