7 traits make customer service agents remarkable


An organization’s ability to provide a service or product in the way it has been promised, treating others as you would like to be treated yourself thereby creating a positive perception in the customer/client is customer service. Customer service is associated with the commitment to provide value added services to external and internal customers which essentially incorporates Quality of Service (QOS) and technical support. In brief, it gives the organization the impetus to the proactive attitude which can be summed up as: ‘I care and I can do’. When we ascend in civilization, we learn to discipline our bodies, minds and speech and stand in less need to utter abuse merely to relive the mind.

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It is widely believed that the so called loyal customers start approaching other companies due to the following shocking, yet practical reasons:

  • Nearly 1% die

  • 3% move away

  • 5% develop relationships

  • 9% leave for competitive reasons

  • 14% are dissatisfied

  • 68% leave because of rude or discourteous service.

Good social custom service agents should possess the following desired qualities:-

  • Motivation to serve: Any social custom service agent must have the insatiable appetite to acquaint himself with novel and latest technologies which play a decisive role in developing the social custom care function.

  • Communication is of paramount appeal as goofs can tarnish the brand’s appearance. Verbosity is unappealing and hence eloquent communication is ineluctable.

  • Decisiveness is the ability to assess a situation and take the befitting initiative. The social agents must be well versed with the nuances of ‘decision making’ and ‘problem solving’ skills.

  • Initiative: Irrespective of the context, the agents should adopt an enlightened approach which necessitates an eternal willingness to help customers and provide prompt service.

  • Integrity: No legacy is as rich as integrity. A great degree of rapport can be built with customers with this virtue.

  • Energy: Indefatigability is an add-on. The chutzpah to deal with conflicts in a professional manner is a de rigueur.

  • Judgment: Virtuous review of the agents’ responses to situations and circumstances is mandatory and the valuable insights should include a target based approach.

Stay dynamic with social customer service and ensure an appropriate procedure in place for social media crises. The very essence of social customer service lies in the process of delivering top-notch benefits and in the fair treatment of customers, for a company’s social custom service can surely engender an aura of confidence.

To all intents and purposes, it is safe to recruit the candidates who can add a dash of color and substance to the company.