3 major misconceptions about jammu and kashmir


people have a lot many misconceptions about Jammu and Kashmir. everybody has a similar  picture of Jammu and Kashmir in their mind. the major misconceptions about Jammu and Kashmir are as follows:

1. Terrorist attacks happen everyday.

j & k terror attack

People think that citizens of j & k must have witnessed many terrorist attacks. They think Jammu and Kashmir is the most dangerous place to be. Although people like to visit the state and enjoy the beauty of the place but they are afraid to be in a terror situation anytime. Situations like this have been a part of Jammu and Kashmir news in a few decades but that doesn’t mean that every citizen has seen an attack. Army encounters do happen but they obviously do not happen in the city. Things like this happen on the border areas. Being a citizen of Jammu, i had to answer questions like, ” have you ever witnessed a terrorist attack?”, “were you in town when the firing happened?”. Any person would laugh before he has to answer such questions, so do i. 

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2. People of the state live on mountains.

People usually ask, ” So, you live in Jammu? oh my god! you live on the mountains? “No, i don’t. not every citizen of Jammu and Kashmir lives on hills. There are not mountains everywhere. No doubt, Jammu and Kashmir is a hilly area. But only a few parts of the state has mountains. Yes, there are people who live on the mountains, the one’s living in remote villages in the extreme north part of the state. Living on the mountains is adventurous and exciting. I would surely like to spend a night or two there but for now, I am a citizen of Jammu and Kashmir and i do not live on the mountains.

3. Weather of Jammu is same as the weather of Kashmir.

snowfall in kashmir
snowfall in kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is a state where two different cities with different weather conditions exist together, It would be shocking for some of you to know that Jammu has never witnessed a snowfall. Snowfall is the feature of Kashmir’s weather. Dal lake freezes every winter. It is extremely cold there. Even in summers, people in Kashmir do not experience a lot of heat. Whereas in Jammu , winters are cold no doubt but during the summers, the temperature goes up to 46 degrees Celsius. It is the magic of nature that so much of weather diversity lies within the same region.