5 stages of a college student


College is such a wonderful place to be. We all make life-long friends and commit certain acts which none of us would dare expose to the world, right? This is how college is for all of us, hanging around together, doing nothing (except making fun of the teacher), getting high (yes, all or most of us do it, no need to shy away :p) and being thrown out of class (gloriously, if I may add). We all wish for it to never end but sadly it does. The thing is we don’t have friends as soon as we enter college, there is some time gap. There are various other things too. So read on to find out the phases a college student goes through (you will surely relate to them). c1

  1. The initial stage when you just enter college and are super anxious about what will happen. We all are like that meek cat, slightly apprehensive of our seniors and professors. Luckily for us, this doesn’t last long. We soon make friends and then we are like the coolest gang that ever existed.
  2. The next stage is the so-called honeymoon stage. We have our friends, the love of our ‘life’, what more could we ask for, right? Wrong. We have no idea that the love of our ‘life’ will leave us for someone else and our friends, well we won’t see eye to eye with them always.
  3. The next stage is ‘I don’t give a shit’ stage. You don’t care about your looks, your grades (who cares about them anyway!) and, anything and everything else. In this stage, most people go into the Einstein phase :p. Totally focused on doing something good. You become totally inspired and set goals to finish up your course! (yeah, I laughed for about 5 minutes before I could write). Not to mention, you just as quickly lose interest in doing something good.
  4. Well remember the projects you did in the last stage? Well, congrats. They have made you famous! Now people come up to you claiming to be your friends or some straight up asking for your help in certain areas. Poor you, you repeat the previous stage again, but for somebody else though not for a long time.
  5. After all this you suddenly find yourself in the last year of college! It freaks everybody out. You are initially in denial – that you have a lot of time left. Only after a billion rounds of asking yourself ‘how did the time fly so quickly’ do you make peace with the fact that yes, it is indeed the last year. From here on, there are two kinds of people – the ones who study day and night to do something good and the ones who decide to live it up with their friends. (I think it’s better to live it up with your friends; you are going to have enough time to study later on but not enough friends. I DO NOT mean to flunk your subjects, but yeah, play it cool).
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And this brings our college journey to an end. Not to mention, we all strive to find that prefect balance between fun, sleep and study and we all end up failing! No words – interesting, super fun, amazing, mesmerizing, eye-opening and what not. It is an all-in-one and once in a lifetime experience. So, college pass-outs, read this and relive your college days and, freshmen, read this and have a slight idea as to how it is going to be (It is going to be one hell of an experience). Enjoy!