Urban legends are terrifying stories told in such a dramatic way that, if triggered with the right imagination, can send chills down your spine! The tales are told as if they were true stories related to real people and often spread quickly through communities or societies. Ranging from unbelievably impossible to highly possible, these stories seem to bring out our deepest fears from the darkest corners. Even though the origins of these stories are rarely known and the fact that most of them are clearly made up, they effectively satisfy our desire to find thrill and entertainment in our fears.

This is a collection of 4 such stories. Brace yourselves and start reading.



4. “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!”

ImageSource: http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/books/Cengage-EMS/LegendTripping/2_bloodymary_sml-b._V198785404_.jpg
ImageSource: http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/books/Cengage-EMS/LegendTripping/2_bloodymary_sml-b._V198785404_.jpg

This urban legend is more of Truth and Dare game which, if you are ever asked to play, you should be wise enough to “pass”. But if you still want to do it, this is how the ritual is done.

The legend says that all you have to do is stand in a bathroom, with no light except that of a lit candle, look in the mirror and say the name “Bloody Mary” thrice. This is believed to summon her ghost. If you still don’t see her, and have some more courage left in you, try spinning around thrice, saying “Bloody Mary… Bloody Mary… Bloody Mary!” and looking in the mirror after each spin. It is believed that you will get a glimpse of her terrifying face in the mirror, standing just behind you. Bloody Mary will then try to take the skin off your face with her nails, and if she scratches it, which she will, then you’re of no use to her. She will start to scratch every inch of your body until you breathe your last breath!

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P.S. Do Not try this at home!


3. “Am I pretty now?” 

ImageSource: http://www.zen-pictures.net/db_titles/zmx/zmx03/sample/020_l.jpg
ImageSource: http://www.zen-pictures.net/db_titles/zmx/zmx03/sample/020_l.jpg

This is a story of Kuchisake Onna, also known as The slit faced woman. As the legend says, Onna was married to a mentally ill man, who used to abuse her in every possible manner. Unhappy with her marriage, she fell in love with another man and planned to divorse her psycho husband.

One day, Onna decides to tell her husband about her decision. Upon hearing the news, enraged and furious, the man starts hitting the woman and ultimately, ties her to the wall. He then picks up a scissor lying nearby, cuts a slit on her mouth from ear to ear and asks her, “Who will find you pretty now?”. He then stabs the woman repeatedly until she dies. Upon realising what he did, he then ends his own life.

It is said that the spirit of the slit-mouthed woman still walks around, wearing a surgical mask, and asks people, “Am I pretty?”. When replied positively, she rips off the surgical mask revealing her horrible wound, and asks the same question again, “Am I pretty now?”. Anyone who no longer finds her pretty, is met by a tragic death from her hands.

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If you ever happen to see someone walking around wearing a surgical mask, RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!


2. *KNOCK *KNOCK, “who’s there?”, *KNOCK *KNOCK

ImageSource: http://www.scaryforkids.com/pics/i-need-help.jpg
ImageSource: http://www.scaryforkids.com/pics/i-need-help.jpg

This urban legend is about a little girl from Scotland who hated life so much that she wanted to destroy every last trace of her. Soon, she kills herself and her family finds out what she did.

After a few days, in a horrible turn of events, every member of her family dies too, their limbs torn apart. The legend says that when you find about the girl’s story, her ghost might come to find you and knock repeatedly on your door, each knock getting louder, until you open the door. She then kills you for the fear that you’ll tell someone else about her, her main goal is to hide her story so that no one knows of her existence.

This story is probably nothing more than somebody’s wild imagination, but it is always a good practice to know who’s standing behind the door!


1. “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights?”

ImageSource: http://cdn.list25.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/turnonlight.png
ImageSource: http://cdn.list25.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/turnonlight.png

This urban legend has many versions, each involving different people, different plots, but however, they all have a similar ending. Our version involves two dorm-mates, let’s call them Lisa and Jennifer. Both of them were pretty good friends and studied in the same class.

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One day, the teacher announced a class test which was supposed to be conducted on the next day. Later that day, Lisa was asked out by one of the hottest guys from her school for a party at his house. Lisa, pretty excited, asked Jennifer to come with her but she passed by saying that she’d rather stay back and prepare for the test. Lisa, unable to convince her, started getting ready for the party and Jennifer prepared for her all night date with books. Finally, Lisa went off to the party and had a time of her life. It was 2AM when she finally reached back her room, to find the lights off. She decided not to wake up Jennifer and crashed on her bed.

The next day, she got up early and decided to wake Jennifer up and learn at least something about the test. She walked to Jennifer’s bed, still half asleep, and turned her around to wake her up. What she saw left her terrified! Jennifer’s body was slaughtered, all covered in blood! Lisa screamed and fell down on the floor, when she noticed something written on the wall with blood.

“Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?”


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