6 Reasons Why Bookaholics Are Blessed


A reader lives thousands of lives before he dies. The man who never reads live only once said George R R Martin. While reading a book did you ever felt the clock spinning so fast and you didn’t even know it? You would love to get lost in a library or a book shop? With loads of tasks right in front of you,you still find yourself reading a book? Well, I’m glad to say these are the symptoms of a Bookaholic and I swear it’s a blessing!

So here you are, check it out for yourself!

1. The Best Companion You Can Ever Have

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True in all terms a good book is simply a vivid celebration of emotions with every page we flip through. You might get annoyed with your loved ones at times but never a book. From a best friend to a confidant ,mentor a book will always be there for you in your happiest to awful times. The more you fall in love with it the better companion you are chilling out with.

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2. Imagination is all yours

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We often indulge ourselves in watching tv or be busy browsing the internet and we find it hard to come up with fresh ideas. Instead reach out for a book which makes you  think and fantacize gradually improving your imagination. In the process we build images ,the ambience and engrossing in the characters which exercises the mind and the better we do the better we achieve. Most importantly we learn to read in between the lines making us a better intellectual. The numerous characters of the plot and their different perspectives help you in identifying yourself with what’s good and what’s not and can face any odd situations in your life.

3. Ultimate Treasure of Knowledge

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Reading imbibes eternal quest for knowledge. It’s a window which introduces you to the present ,past and future of the globe. The more you know the greater is the thirst for treasure of knowledge you might be unaware of. And how cool does that feel to think to answer something which is a puzzle for many? I would love it!!

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4. Exceptional Stress Buster

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Can you even believe that even a 6 minutes reading helps in reducing the stress by two thirds? It’s true! Rather than walking for hours , listening to music or any other which leaves you frazzled , a simple six minutes reading helps as a stress buster and you might even fall asleep! Distraction is at times a boon and you can bid farewell to your worries and imbibe the author’s creation.

5. Effective Conversations and Vocabularyunnamed (9)

Well this is what you listen to in any personality development classes. The logic is simple. The thorough understanding of wide topics makes you a knowledgeable person and you can use it in any discussion leaving everyone awestruck. Even in your professional career it’s of paramount importance and you find yourself climbing the ladder with ease.

6. Meet the Better You


While many are messed up with celebrity gossips, being a bookaholic and having a huge library in your brain, you are a fun person to hang out with. The self confidence levels obviously boosts up. You can comfortably cross any hurdle in your way. With many health,creative and psychological benefits you can feel the positive changes in your journey of life.

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So grab a book and engross yourself in a wonderful imagination!