10 tips to sell yourself in a resume


To all intents and purposes, achievers let their achievements walk the talk. Let me quote an old adage “Achievements are more appealing than appearances”. However, the art of presenting the achievements in a resume matters the most. Competition has grown by leaps and bounds. To have an edge over your opponents and other job applicants, it is best to have a good resume in one’s arsenal. Hiring potential candidates is an agonizing process. However, many recruiters have the exceptional ability of filtering candidates based on their resumes. One has to undoubtedly acquaint oneself with the hiring practices of managers. If you want to showcase your achievements in a two page document or a single page document and wish to sell yourself, here are a few wise words of counsel:

  1. Introduction:

More often than not, many candidates’ mindset centers on a common misconception-‘Resume is a document that speaks about an aspirant’s or applicant’s candidature. It doesn’t require any introduction.’ Aspiring candidates have to do away with this misconception and accept the reality. A resume requires a brief introduction. It has to briefly describe the potential of the candidate in two or three sentences. For example, if you are applying for an IT job for the designation of a Software Engineer, and if you have prior job experience, a brief introduction is ideally like – “Dedicated software engineer offering innovative solutions to the technical problems. Armed with technical acumen and expertise in programming, my ability to think out of box prompts me to acquaint myself with the latest technologies.” Remember, simple and succinct statements add sheen to your resume.

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  1. Job Profile:

A company may have vacancies for several designations. Many aspirants apply for multiple designations with the same resume only to be rejected. So, while applying for a job, zero in on the choice of designation. Follow your heart and do the needful. Understand the nuances of job roles and profiles before applying for a job.


  1. Employer’s needs:

At the very outset, it becomes imperative to make this point clear- Pay attention to the needs of employers and recruiters. Incorporate all the insightful thoughts in your resume by questioning yourself- Do I have the necessary skills? Am I the candidate the company is looking for? Will my skills justify my candidature? Am I the ideal candidate for the offered designation? Am I the true blue for this job? Focus your thoughts on what you can do to the organization and not what the organization has to do for you.


  1. Testimonials:

Let me keep this simple and effective with an example. If you have applied for the designation of a technical content developer at XYZ Company, you may boost your candidature by adding testimonials to your resume. For example, you may mention the title of a research paper that has been published in a journal in this manner- ‘Published a comprehensive research paper on Data Mining and Data Warehousing in the International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology.’ However, I leave this to the volition of the applicants. If you are uncomfortable with the testimonials, it is better to add references. Before adding references to your resume, ensure that you have taken the permission of the officials concerned.

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  1. Blogs:

If you happen to be a blogger, mention the same in your resume. If you have applied for the designation of a ‘Technical Evangelist’ at XYZ Company and if you happen to be blogger who is passionate about latest technologies, your resume outshines those of your opponents. To all intents and purposes, you may voice your opinions on the latest trends and present day issues in your blog. This clearly reflects your dedication and zeal. In addition, it reflects your attitude towards life as bloggers spend that ‘little extra time’ to express their forthright views.


  1. Prior work experience:

If you have any prior work experience, mention it gracefully. Detail out the tasks and responsibilities that you handled with utmost diligence. Make statements that make your resume all the more interesting and your candidature all the more special. Make it more intriguing by using captivating titles such as – ‘Worked as Threat Research Analyst and gained proficiency in malware analysis.’ Remember to keep the sentences simple. Avoid jargon. Recruiters never fall prey to the rhetoric.


  1. Certifications:

Any professional certifications and training should be mentioned without any second thought. For example, if you have applied for the designation of a Java developer at XYZ Company and if you are an Oracle certified professional, you may expect a nice tandem with the recruiting team. These certifications clearly ensure that your enviable credentials live up to the employers’ expectations.


  1. Awards:

“Best employee award for the year xxxx-xxxx”, “Performer of the year at XYZ Company”, “Beyond expectations-High octane performer” etc. help you make tremendous strides and outclass your competitors. These awards bespeak your caliber and refined forward-thinking capability. So what do you think is the consequence of mentioning such achievements? You shall be the man of the moment!

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  1. Hobbies:

Mention your hobbies. There isn’t any necessity to dive into the details. If you have interest in classical singing, mention it. If you are an avid reader, mention the same. Apart from mundane things, you may mention your achievements and awards in singing, dancing etc. that make you a true blue.


  1. Chronology:

This is the most important ‘keep in mind’ virtue. Without this, your showmanship may be rendered baseless. Ensure that your resume doesn’t resemble a laundry list. Mention your work life events in a chronological order. First, give a brief introduction. Immediately, follow it up with your prior work experience. Mention your certifications. Education qualifications should follow your certifications. Recent honors, medals and awards may be mentioned along with the prior work experience.


Nobody can ever gainsay the fact drafting a marketable resume will take a lot of time and effort. However, a quality resume will open the doors of fortune. Woe-be-tide! A resume can never get any candidate hired. The purpose of a resume is to fetch you a call from the interviewer. Follow these tips to sell yourself in a resume and experience an upturn in fortune!