Women inventors who changed the world: 15 Inventions


We know that people like Archimedes Albert Einstein and Alan Turing. They are known for their inventions all over the world. Children learn about schools. And why not for their inventions change the face of this world. However, there are many other inventors who are not so frequently discussed. Especially, the women inventors. This article is all about some of the most important women inventors who changed the world.

1. Aquarium by Jeanne Villepreux-Power

Aquariums are not just places for picnic but also an important tool for aquatic experiments and study. It was the idea of French naturalist Jeanne that gave us the the glass aquarium.

2. Computer algorithm by Ada Lovelace.

We all are familiar to the importance of computer algorithm. All of our important technologies are are running through algorithms including artificial intelligence. This is enough to gauge the importance of Lovelace’s invention.

3. Paper bag making machine by Margaret Knight.

a man stole his invention from Margaret claiming that a woman cannot invent such a thing. However, Knight received her patent in 1871. Imagine what we would have done without square-bottomed paper bags with so much plastic pollution and cloth bags being unserviceable at times

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4. Dishwasher by Josephine Cochran.

Washing utensils all the day long along with preparing dinner is really a headache if it falls on one woman. This invention was born out of necessity. The idea wasn’t new to Josephine. However her’s was the only design that worked.

5. Globes by Ellen Fitz:

Though, it were men to travel far and wide to fill the gaps in the map of the world, it was a women’s common sense that gave the world Globes which made the geography lessons easier.

6. Noise reduction system and locomotive chimney by Mary Walton.

Apparently Mary Walton wasn’t the only one who was tired of noise and air pollution that took place due to the constantly running locomotives in New York. However she was the only one who you did something about it.

7. Life raft by Maria Beasley

This is a real life saver. Then Titanic got sunk this life raft saved lives of around 700 people. Narayan made this fireproof foldable rafts that could be carried on ships easily.

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8. Fire escapes by Anna Connelly.

The famous New York City’s every building has fire escape. It is sort of a geographical identification of the buildings in this city. These were a gift by Anna Connelly. The apartment fires in New York were very damaging before the invention.

9. Car heater by Margaret Wilcox.

What would we have done without this invention? Images how painful and freezing the car journeys would have been in winters. Thanks to Margaret smartly used the heat generated in combustion to heat the cab in the car.

10. Windshield wiper by Mary Anderson.

Manufacturers didn’t see your point in Anderson’s invention for a long time. It took almost 10 years for best design to spread in the market. And the reason behind this was meant refused to give importance to an invention by a woman.

11. Electric refrigerator buy Florence Parpart

Can you imagine your life without a refrigerator? Probably not. Before Florence invented refrigerator people used ice box.

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12. Electric hot water heater by Ida Forbes.

Not much is known about this invention. However, it was Ida Forbes who invented and patented electric hot water heater or geyser

13. Low reflection glass by Katherine Blodgett.

No camera on earth would function without this invention by Katherine.

14. Wireless transmission technology by Hedy Lemarr.

Lamarr was original a movie star. She invented the frequency hopping communication systems. These systems were used to guide torpedoes without detection. It was due to this brilliant technology we have the facility of Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth technology, the lifeline of our world.

15. Caller ID and call waiting by Shirley Ann Jackson

She was a theoretical physicist and won many awards because of their contributions in the field of telecommunication. The woman was not just the inventor of caller ID and call waiting but also helped in the creation of solar cells and fibre optic cables.

So these are some of the most important women inventors who changed the world.