A Compressive Guide To Vaping.


All cigarettes are pretty similar. However, there are minor differences where some are unfiltered, have different paper colours, and others are roll-ups. But generally, most cigarettes are the same paper filled with tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are different. They first looked like cigarettes but started to change gradually. It has led to an increase in the number of users.

Now there is a variety of electronic cigarettes with different shapes and sizes. Hence, it may not be evident if you are considering buying your first device. However, the process is simple. Therefore, if you are entirely new to vaping or want to switch from smoking to vaping, this will help you buy your first e-cigarette.

How do e-cigarettes work?

There are different e-cigs available, all consists of the following parts

  • A battery contained in an outer casing
  • An atomizer
  • A refilled cartridge or tank

Different parts of e-cigarettes

The battery is either activated automatically or using a button when you inhale through the mouthpiece. In turn, it activates the atomizer.

The atomizer contains a wicking material (cotton) and a coil. The wicking material is soaked in e-liquid, which is heated by the coil into vapour. The vapour inhaled using the mouthpiece.

Reasons to consider when switching to vaping.

  1. Vaping is less harmful.

They are less harmful than traditional cigarettes despite the negative press on vaping, particularly regarding illnesses in the US. E-cigs are a better alternative to smoking. We do not pledge that vaping is entirely safe.

  1. It has less smell.
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The various flavours and additives in the devices provide a pleasant smell compared to the cigarette smoke smell. Also, it dissipates faster than the smoke and does not stick to clothes or hair.

  1. It is cheaper

Cigarettes and tobacco have higher costs compared to vaping.

Steps to buying your first E-cigarette

The vaping world is most challenging to understand, considering the different terms used to refer to devices. They are called e-cigs, vapes, or e-cigarettes. However, the e-cigarettes contain the same components as shown below. However, it is essential to consider a few things before you buy your first e-cig.

  1. Choose a style
  2. Choose a kit  
  3. Choose your flavour

Types of styles

E-cigarettes are an alternative to combustible cigarettes and enable the use of different flavors. The e-liquids are then inhaled in vapor form using the device. An extensive array of tobacco flavor additives have come.

Types of e-cigarettes

  • Cigarlike

They are similar to the traditional cigarette. Also, the devices are discreet and small. They feature disposable cartridges that are often pre-filled. It makes it easy to use.

  • Classic vape kits

They have a pen-like shape and feature tanks filled with different flavors according to your preference. These vapes are also known as mouth-to-lungs (MTL), concerning how vapor is inhaled from the device.

  • Sub-ohm vape kits

They resemble classic vape kits in terms of the refillable tank. They are available in different of shapes and sizes. The kits are designed to produce more giant clouds of vapor than the classic kits. Hence, the user inhales the vapor directly into the lungs.

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After choosing the style that best suits you, the next step involves choosing the kit you prefer.

Types of kits

Devices mostly fall into the above categories, but more features differentiate them further. Nevertheless, finding out more about each of these types brings you closer to finding the best e-cig.

  • Cigalike E-cigarette kits

They are made to look like traditional tobacco cigarettes considering their size, shape, and design. They are suitable for rookies who want to switch from tobacco to e-cigs easily. It provides a user with a throat sensation similar to tobacco smoke without all the harmful chemicals. To use the device, you only have to inhale to initiate the vapor.

Cig-a-like pros

  • Have a cigarette feel
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Discreet


  • Short battery life
  • The atomizer has low-performance issues.
  • Expensive
  • Disposables are harmful to the environment.

Classic vape kits

The kit has a larger e-cig battery and high e-liquid concentration, which produces large amounts of vapor compared to the cig-a-like style. It also has a tank that helps you refill any e-liquid of your choice with different flavors and nicotine concentrations. They are mostly preferred by people who have tried cig-a-likes and want something different.

The kits work differently compared to the cig-alike. One has to press a button to activate the vapor creation. Also, it has a lock for the battery that prevents turning on the device if it’s in your pocket. To activate the lock, one needs to press the button at least three times simultaneously.

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  • Easy to use.
  • It consists of more flavor choices compared to e-cigs.
  • Batteries are long-lasting
  • Subtle production of vapor


  • Larger than cig-a-likes

Sub-ohm kits

They consist of a built-in or removable battery and a tank. E-cig also, use low resistance coils and powerful batteries that heat the e-liquid faster. In turn, bigger vapor clouds are produced. Experienced vapers mainly use them, but there are great entry-level e-cigs available for beginners.

The sub-ohm works similarly to classic vape kits where the battery heats the coil, which atomizes the e-liquid.


  • Easily customizable
  • Produce thick vapor
  • Has more options you can choose from


  • Larger and heavier than the other kits
  • It’s expensive than the other kits.
  • No safety features present.
  • Dangerous to newbies who don’t understand the mechanism

After choosing a kit, the next step involves choosing a flavor from the readily available shop. It would be best if you chose the flavor that is best for your kit.  


Most vapers consider the classic kits. They provide longer battery life, and it gives you various options according to your preferences. They are simple to understand and use. These make the best e-cigs for beginners.

On the other hand, after you get more experienced, you can try sub-ohm kits. It will also provide the opportunity of customizing your e-cig.