When Should You Consider Replacing the Scrubs?


White was a common color for medical scrubs many years ago. But, uniforms in white color often demanded change because the stains and marks looked prominent on them. 

Today, you get medical scrubs and other uniforms in different designs, patterns, and shades. Still, they need replacement at the right time. The time when you should consider replacing it depends on several factors.

Let’s have a look at them.

How Many Times You Wear Them Every Week?

Your schedule plays a vital role in deciding how many pairs of scrub sets you may need. If you wear them once or twice every week and your work does not involve exhausting tasks, they may stay in good condition for a longer time.

But you may have to change your medical uniforms every three or five months if your work schedule is rough. Also, if your work involves strenuous activities, it may get easily torn off. And you may have to consider getting a new pair.

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Gets Stained Easily

If your working hours are mostly spent in the operation theatre, there are high chances that your scrubs may get stained frequently. Also, during surgeries, you may come in contact with bodily fluids and bloodstains more often.

Most of the time, it is not easy to get rid of the stains. You may have to make use of harsh detergents or chemical stain removers to keep your uniforms clean. Then too, some slight marks may still be visible after several washes. If the stains and marks become visibly noticeable, you must buy a new scrub set.

Worn out Due to Several Washes

The National Institutes of Health state uniforms of the hospital staff are also the carriers of several bacteria and pathogens. Most of the patients suffer from allergies if they are exposed to these germs. It is, therefore, necessary to wash your uniforms after every use.

But they fade, and the stitching quality is affected with frequent washes. Also, the chemicals in detergents loosen weaved joints and in-seam stitches. If you experience that your scrubs have lost the quality and look dull, it’s time to replace them.

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Change in the Weather Conditions

Before you buy a new pair, make sure you consider the climate of your location. If you work in a region where there are changes in the weather conditions, you must always have an extra pair for an emergency.

Especially during rainy days, you have to change the uniform between your duty hours. Also, if you wear a uniform of thick material in summers, you may sweat and get uncomfortable. Always keep an extra pair if you are not sure about the weather conditions.

Follow the Trends in the Healthcare Industry

When you are a nurse or a doctor, you are into the service industry. It will help if you look professional and up-to-date in your clothes and uniform. Follow the latest fashion trends in your industry and buy scrubs that are new and appealing.

If you look happy in your scrubs, then the patients will also feel positive looking at you. Also, you will look trendy yet professional in your new scrubs.