6 Effective Instagram Tricks To Level Up Your Game!


Say goodbye to the frustrating days when you used to stress over likes and followers! Here are the most effective instagram tricks to beat the algorithm and gain more audience for your Instagram handle!

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms nowadays, preferred by many influencers and marketers. Acing up on Instagram can get you instant fame and tons of good brand offers!

1. Choose A Niche

Choose an appropriate niche that you can commit to and genuinely like. This will make you enjoy your work more. Make sure that your content is engaging enough to quickly attract followers as it is the first thing that determines your success.

2. Create An Exceptional Bio

Followers will be noticing your profile picture and bio. Keeping an attractive yet unique bio will increase the chance of attracting them to your profile as well as personality.

3. Use Proper Hashtags

Using proper hashtags that goes along with your niche can increase the reach of your post 3x more. However, it depends on the type of hashtags you use.

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4. Interact With Followers

This will create a personal bond and hence make them active on your posts. You can interact with them through DMs, story games, comment section, etc. This will increase the overall engagement of your account.

5. Post Consistently

Decide a post timing and post around it daily; 3 pm to 9 pm is suitable. You can also check your peak time in the insights section.

6. Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborating with similar influencers (or friends) will gain more traffic from their account, as well as the explore section as collaborated, contain means; 2x fun and 2x creativity.