Virender Sehwag Epic Tweets Prove ” He Can Still Hit Sixes”. Off Field As Well !


Virender Sehwag continues his brilliant performance even after his retirement, But not on the field. This time, it’s on twitter.

This Former Cricketer is well known for hard-hitting boundaries on the field. He battled for his country several times by crushing the opponents dreams. He is still serving his country in twitter wars and can be titled as “King of Twitter”.

He made Piers Morgan shut his mouth for his cheap and filthy comments. He also trolled Shoba De for criticizing for Olympians.

Let’s check his outstanding tweets.

1. Hey, British ! Don’t mess with Indians. : shwag 1 st

shewag reply


Shewag epic reply to Piers Morgan. Hey, Piers Morgan, We don’t know whether your country can win a Worldcup or not. But definitely not on twitter.

2. It’s time for “Shoba na De”.




3.This is how He wishes our Great Olympians



Capture 123

4. Follow Him. He is experienced :   He Clearly explained Complexity of marriage with a funny sports metaphor.


4. What a Creativity ” Viru (Guru) ji ” :  His style of wishing Happy birthday.

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5.Please Someone crown him “King of Twitter”lat