Top Tips for Filing a Mechanics Lien


Have you ever wondered how construction contractors end up getting paid even if the party involved (the property owner) doesn’t pay? The process is called a mechanic’s lien, and these documents have to be placed in perfect times, depending on the state you’re in. In this guide, we’re going to give you some tips on the general process of filing a mechanic’s lien.

Preliminary Notices Are Often Required

Even though you may want to generally file a mechanic’s lien, in most states, giving proper notice that in the event which you don’t get paid, that you will file a mechanic’s lien is a legal requirement. While it’s also not necessary a legal requirement in all 50 United States, it is a good general practice to do this anyway. Even if you have to file a lien, you may still be able to get a good review, just because you were nice enough to give proper notice beforehand. 

Timing is Everything

Remember how we said the timing mattered earlier? You need to actually file construction liens, and a notice of intent to file one depending on numerous factors in the appropriate time. Many states require that you send a notice for residential projects at the very beginning of the contract agreement, and you should let them know why you’re doing it. You have to do this in most cases before you ever start working on the designated project. Some states require this for both commercial and residential jobs, while others are a little more flexible, and allow you to send the notice of intent on commercial jobs within up to 90 days after you finish the job.

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Because timing is important, you need to know just when the timeline process is when you’re going to file your lien. Almost every state is different – some places will deny your rights anywhere from 30 days, all the way up to 90 days. You also have a designated time that you have to file your mechanic’s lien in order to actually get paid.

Hiring an Agency

By hiring a lien agency, you can get some special treatment, and it also makes everything look a little more professional in terms of filing your lien. You can get the right consultation to ensure that you also can actually reserve the right to file your mechanic’s lien, and as a good practice, you should contact the agency before you ever start the contract at all.


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