Digital Media Is Changing in 2022


Digital Media Is Changing in 2020

When it comes to digital marketing in the coming year, it’s important to know all of the changes that are about to happen, along with what’s already taken place in the later part of 2019, and how it’s going to affect the future in digital media. Therefore, we’re going to give you a few concepts that you may want to consider when it comes to moving forward into the next decade so you can still do what you have to do and possibly be successful in the years to come.  We will also touch on what is digital media itself.

Trend Number One: Vocal Searching

With people all over the world leaning more towards voice search, whether it’s using a smart device like Echo or Google Home, or even Siri, let alone their mobile device for their smartphone assistants, more than half of the searches made over the internet are going to be voice searches (out of all of the mobile device users of course, not so much over the PC area of searching). Either way, more than half of all browsing will be done on mobile devices, so you need to cater to the trend if you’re a digital marketer. This will need to be applied for everything, from SEO all the way down the list. This will actually be increasing the usage of some long-tail keywords.

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Number Two: Interactivity Will Be Important

Second to the motion above, you will need to make sure that you activate interactivity in everything you do. This means you’ll have to use social media feeds, give some extra personalization to your site that people can contribute to, and even your social media posts. By reaching out to your customers for questions, you’ll soar through the next generation.

On top of this personalization will be the use of personalized ads. Facebook and other social media giants are already using it to entice people based on browsing, but what’s going to be more important, is that you make it like you’re actually reaching out to individual people. Therefore, you’ll incorporate personalized messages in your e-mail marketing in order to get more customers.

Chatbots Are Revolutionizing

Chatbots, also known as Smart Bots, will be taking the world by storm, especially on social media sites and websites thanks to people using them more for businesses. This will give your customers a bot that isn’t just a regular Q&A bot a personality, and a little bit of personal collection tailored around your customers’ needs and desires. This means that training is also going to possibly be required, and you’ll want to search for the right courses on the market in order to succeed in using these advanced automation tools.

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