Being a professional footballer is an arduous task which involves a lot of hardship and lot of sacrifices.  These players surpassed all the hurdles with a lot of dedication and emerged as Richest Footballers in the world.  Soccer happens to be the most popular sport in the  world with a great acceptance ratio around the globe.

Premier Footballers earn an average amount of 2.3 million bugs each year while other star players earn whooping amounts by endorsing several multi national brands. Football is not just a game, It is considered as a religion and players as godsin several parts of South America and Europe.  Products endorsed by the Popular Footballers receive huge attention form the crowds.

Let’s meet the Top 10 richest footballers in the world :

Most of the Players belong to Europe and American Continents which describes the craze in those regions. These Players are not famous for drebbling skills and Powerful strikes, even well  known for their riches.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo- $230 million


This Real madrid star is known for his Best player in the worls for his sensational goals, ball control and speed  drebbles. Real madrid bought him for $18.2 millions and also includes huge lucrative portfolio.


2. Lionel Messi-$218 million



This magical player has several endorsements like  Adidas, Samsung, Gillette, Gatorade, and Dolce & Gabbana under his umbrella. He won Ballon d’Or awards four times and Best FIFA Player.


3. Neymar-$148 million



This Brazilian Soccer Star is the Youngest Richest Footballer who  $8.8 million a year excluding His endorsements. He endorses Nike, Panasonic, Volkswagen, Red Bull and many more brands.


4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic-$114 million


He plays for Manchester United which earns him  hefty amounts and deals with Nivea, Xbox, Volvo, and Dressman made him in the list.


5. Wayne Rooney- $112 million


In 2014, This English Player earned a $104 million contract form Manchester United and the Richest Foootballer in English Premier League.

6. Kaka- $108 million



This handsome Soccer star earns massive amounts both on and off the field and played for Real Madrid, AC Milan, Orlando City, and Sao Paulo. He has  Pepsi, Samsung, Gillette, and Armani under his hat paying him hefty amounts for ebdorsements.

7. Samuel Eto’o- $98 million


He earned a great fortune playing for many Barcelona and Chelsea while Puma & Ford paid him tremendously.

8. Raul -$95 million


This Former Spanish Footballer is a most important player in the history of Real Madrid. In 2014 he signed a deal with New York Cosmos. He made in to the list with succcesful business ventures Scar Sport Europe,  Luri and Cadmus.

9. Ronaldinho – $93 million


 He earns $ 3 million per year from the foot ball clubs  Atletico Mineiro, Querétaro FC. This Brazilian previously played for Barcelona and former Ballon d’Or Winner.

10. Frank Lampard – $90 million

This English Mid-fielder  14 year long stint of career with EPL and played for 13 years for Chelsea. He earned huge fortunes with an outstnding portfolio.