Top 10 Payroll Services Companies.


Payroll services perform the tasks of paying employees on time and properly track PTO and attendance of the workers. These payroll services automate most of the work and avoid legal hassles. They actually help you focus on more productive work in making your business a more profitable organization.

Some companies offer payroll services which are very less compared to hire a whole team which may be quite expensive. Here is  a list of Top 10 Payroll services which help you to run a business organization more successful.


This company was originally known as Paycycle, which was later purchased by Intuit.Intuit offers options like do it yourself as well as full payroll services. The top tier is only $99.00 per month plus $2 per employee per month and it includes extensive compliance services. They make the payroll simpler than ever and lets u focus on your business.



ADP  is very reputed brand in Payroll outsourcing and designed its system to process and manage your payroll faster, and easier.They offer solutions also in benefits administration, retirement services, insurance services, and more. Their three tiers services caters small, medium, and large businesses, enabling them to serve your current needs and grow with your company when necessary.

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3.IOI Pay

This  full-scale HR outsourcing company provides payroll services,HR, and employee services. IOIPay offers a broad range  of options which suits the client needs including calculators, forms, training, newsletters, and tax alerts. The company was started as a small, regional payroll company in the 1980s and has emerged as a big player and  serving more than 6,000 clients.



This famous payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing firm was established in 1971 and presently has  580,000 payroll clients as of 2014 data.This is a popular option among small- and mid-sized businesses as they provide affordable services with great flexibility.



They provide an awesome tool to determine the price of your package by filling your requirements and details. They have an excellent option for small companies of  under 100 workers with a simple and easily understandable format.


6.APS Payroll

APS Payroll offers online payroll processing services, workforce management solutions, and time & attendance tracking services. APS prides itself on offering cutting edge, cloud-based, secure payroll services to customers of all sizes. While you can just contract the payroll services if that is all you need, the company strives to fully integrate its payroll and HR tools to make your life easier.

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BenefitMall is another company offering high-quality payroll services. BenefitMall, in addition to its payroll services, offers many other business management services including compliance, insurance, and human resources. The company offers three main levels of payroll services, including a call and fax method that lets you deal with a payroll specialist directly. There are also options for basic and advanced online payroll processing.



SurePayroll is a Paychex company that offers extensive payroll options to small businesses. Their services include health insurance, pre-employment screening, and worker’s compensation services.They have innovative live chat method for contacting the payroll specialists to meet your demands.



9.MYPayrollHR .

MyPayrollHR, A top payroll firm provides their services entirely on cloud-based platform and designed in a simplified way for business owners and managers with little HR experience


10.Coastal Human Resource Group

They offer services like payroll, HR services, Administration services and has an excellent cost tracking methods. They use simpler approach for reporting for small and medium sized business.

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