Top 10 IT Security Management Companies.


Cyber security which is also known as IT security management or Computer security offers protection to information systems from Hackers. Due to the increasing reliance on Computer systems and Internet which has become the heart of the business process. So, The companies focus on protecting their data, Software’s by approaching the best IT security firms to safeguard their business processes.

Topcount provides the list of Top 10 IT security management companies.



root9B is the top cyber security consulting and operational support firm with its  corporate headquarters located  in Colorado Springs, and other regional offices in San Antonio, Texas, New York City, and Charlotte,and some international regions. Its clients range from Top 100 fortune companies to mid-sized firms.

Eric Hipkins is the CEO of  root9B

2. RSA


This is one of the oldest companies  founded in 1982 and serving more than  30,000 customers through their products for security operations, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), identity and access management (IAM), fraud prevention, and cybersecurity framework.

RSA  organizes the world’s largest info security event called RSA Conference.

3.IBM Security


This Global IT firm organized Big Blue’s security unit four years ago to  protect Web applications from threats and address the complexities. They have the most effective  portfolio of services and products covering security operations and intelligence, cloud, mobile, IAM, network, endpoint, mainframe, application, and data security, and fraud protection.


They have generated $ 2 billion in revenue for the year 2015.

4. Dell SecureWorks


SecureWorks was  founded in the year 1999 and  Later, acquired by Dell in 2011. They were among the companies who started early and presently serving more than 4,100 clients in 61 countries. SecureWorks is gone a provide 24x7x365 cloud security space to the users with a single-minded approach.

Dell SecureWorks started  their an initial public offering (IPO) in May  2016 and they  trade on NASDAQ under the stock symbol SCWX.

5.Palo Alto Networks


Palo Alto Networks  is the next generation firewall (NGFW) company which has managed to build up a business in making  $1 billion in revenue. They help 28,000 customers in over 160 countries to protect aganist cyber threats.

They were rewarded as the best pick by investors in financial markets.



Cisco offers  the best network security solutions with innovative  access control and policy, malware protection,NGFW, intrusion prevention, router and switch security, security management, VPN security, and web security products.

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The Cisco security unit alone built $1.75 billion business and has a targeting  $100 billion  cybersecurity market in the next five years.



This company has not only protected clients from cyber threats but also managed to protect their company by going with  IPO and raised $156 million during the patent dispute with Trend micro.  Their products provide a broad array of security and networking functions, including firewall, VPN,  intrusion prevention, Web filtering, anti-spam, and WAN acceleration.

Fortinet would emerge as the market leader in the appliances sector.

8.BT Security


Their innovative product situational awareness made a new ground which has the capability to combine cutting edge risk analysis and cyber threat detection and prevention tools with BT’s security experts. Their managed services is  a model for Govt organizations.

BT Security  is the subsidiary of BT group and their data breaches costs are expected to quadruple and may  reach $2 trillion by end of  2019.

9. Herjavec Group


The best part  to talk about  this security firm is their 7x24x365 security operation services for their clients. This was founded by  Robert Herjavec in 2003 , Herjavec Group bought small  IT security  firms and MSSP’s which made them earn a respectable in position in this market in North America and swiftly expanded business to Europe and Australia as well.

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Now, This well established Security firm has some new strategies to identify the new market regions to expand their regions.

10. FireEye 


FireEye was founded By Azhar Aziz in 2004 and now headed by Kevin Mandia as CEO of the firm. They built their own CIRT  (computer incident response team)  or security operations center (SOC) to  manage their security process and helps to  resolve the future cyber threats.

It was called by US government to track high profile attackers aganist the business firms. They serve more than 4,400 customers across 67 countries with an employee base of 3,200.