Top 10 Most-Followed Account on Twitter


The biggest platform from breaking news to entertainment and even live commentary we see on this very platform. Sometimes we know about this, but it is hard to check everyone’s account to see the most followed account on Twitter. In this article, you will get the top 10 most-followed accounts on Twitter serially. 

Barack Obama (130M followers)

Barack Obama holds the top place in Twitter followers. Around 130M users follow him, which shows his popularity. He was the two-term president of the United States. He mostly tweets about the work which his Obama Foundation has done. 

Justin Bieber (114M followers)

After Barack Obama, Justin Bieber has the most followers on the Twitter app. He has been in the limelight since his most hit ‘Baby’ in 2010. After that, he updated his styles and looks and get popular, and now he is one of the biggest stars. 

Katy Perry ( 109M followers)

The most famous pop star Katy Perry has 109 million followers, although she follows only 232 accounts. Katy Perry is a famous pop star and girl kisser. She is one of the biggest pop stars in the world and the nd most influential woman on Twitter. On Twitter, she posts her thoughts and personal messages rather than promotional tweets. 

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Rihanna (102M followers)

Following an account is quite easy but being followed needs more talent and outstanding in any world like music, dance, etc. She is another musician whose Twitter account is followed by most people. She also posts some of her along with promotional tweets. 

Cristiano Ronaldo (91.9M followers)

It doesn’t matter if you love football or not, but everyone knows about him as the best football player in the universe in 5th place. He plays for the Portuguese national team. He is followed by some big names on Twitter, such as Lil Wayne, Jack Dorsey, etc. 

Taylor Swift (88.8M followers)

The best part of Taylor Swift is that she doesn’t follow anyone’s account despite being followed by 88.8 million people. She is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. If you do research, then you will get that she is the most influential person on Twitter. 

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Lady Gaga (84.2M followers)

The most successful musician who is also famous for acting holds several followers on Twitter. She posts related to music and acting activities and her journey on the way to her foundation. 

Ariana Grande (83.1M followers)

She holds her position in rank, and rarely you will not see her on the headlines. Most of the people started to follow her after her song, ‘ thank you, next. She posts both personal and promotional tweets. 

Ellen DeGeneres (79.4M followers)

She is one of the most hit people on Twitter. Her most retweeted tweet was her famous Oscars. She is famous for her show @TheEllenShow. Rarely she shares her posts mainly related to her show. 

YouTube (73.2M followers)

As we know that Youtube is the most-watched platform. According to Alexa, YouTube is the most famous account on Twitter. Being a straightforward account, you will see one line of bio in its Twitter account that is like and subscribe.