Top 10 Indian Clothing Brand For This Summer


In summer everyone wants to wear a comfortable dress. In other seasons, one can carry all types of dresses, but we only go for comfortable dresses in summer. There are so many Indian brands available for summertime. In this article, you will come across unique style clothes with relaxed prints. You should try these all brands a shot. It is hard to test all brands, but you can check for a few. So make your 2021 summer more comfortable. Pick out anyone and sparkle your fashion. Do not mix spices only in the vegetables because your style also wants some changes.

#1. Jodi

It is the best Indian brand with the ultimate collection of clothing that can make you comfortable this summer. It has a vast collection of clothing under the brackets of Flintstones & cornflower. From the Lakme Fashion week, they have got a unique collection of clothing. 

#2. Doodlage

This summer, transform your mom’s Indian sarees into new and trending. It sounds good to flow with trends. Otherwise, life can be casual or boring. The Doodlage follows the mantra of redesigning and recycling ideas. This brand will help you with some funky ideas with funky looks. It is said that each brand has its own identity, so Doodlage also has its essence, which comes out with uniqueness. 

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#3. Pranay Baidya

Pranay Baidya presents Bengali heritage with unique designs and prints. This brand is one of the branded companies which will introduce you to trending fashions. It made a good record in the 2019 summer. It is famous for summer weddings and parties mostly. If you are marrying in the summer, then you can choose this brand for ultra-comfortable. 

#4. AND

For a long time, this brand has had a good reputation in the clothing field. Like one can believe this brand with blind eyes. AND brand is one of the famous Indian brands with the latest collection. 

#5. Global Desi

If your budget is quite average and in the average budget, you are searching for a comfortable bear, and you can go with the following brand. Anita Dongre is the legend of the following company. Every year it introduces some new styles. You must try this brand once. 

#6. Varun Bahl

Varun Bahl is an internationally renowned designer. In the summer of 2019, he brought splendid styles and designs. All types of clothes are available in this brand like modern, traditional, wedding, etc. 


#7. Sanya Gulati

In case you choose this brand, then you will get comfortable wear with light fabrics. This summer, try comfortable to wear to feel free and relaxed. 

#8. Pankaj and Nidhi

Pankaj and Nidhi is the best brand in India which provides some best and comfortable wear. It has a good collection of all clothes with the finest work and handcrafted beadwork and embroidery. 

#9. House of Wandering Silk

According to the title, you can get that this can be famous for silk. Exactly, it offers gorgeous silk dupattas, which suit best with the kurtas. You will get kurtas from here, formal, casual, party wear, etc. 

#10. Bhido

The following brand is very famous and uses a unique dye technique. It originates from jaJapannd they use both natural and chemical dyes. It is mainly renowned for scarves, stoles, dupattas, etc.