Top 10 Dating Tips for Men


Whenever we think about dating we are confused as to how to go ahead with the first approach. Considering how things have changed in the last few years it can be very confusing for men these days. In some cases, some of the true dating tips never change as such. So for the guy folks out there here are the Top 10 Dating Tips from top experts that might make you go easy.

Dating Tips


Top 10 Best Dating Tips for Men

#10 Make sure to keep it light-hearted

You must always make sure to keep your conversation very light-hearted. It is better not to get into an in-depth conversation mainly about things like you don’t enjoy you job or health issues. Also avoid talking about religion, politics or any controversial news. Normally women wants a guy who can make her laugh and such should be the impression.


#9 Keep the conversation Fun

Since most of the guys tend to be very analytical, most of the conversations are turned into a fact sharing session. Most of the women find such conversations very boring. Even if you are planning to share facts it is better add in some humor and flirtatious overtones. This will make every word you talk very interesting to her.

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#8 Turn of your Phone

It is annoying at times when you are in a middle of a serious conversation and the phone rings. It is better you turn your phone off completely. If she gets to know that you have turned out your phone she will understand that you are completely focusing on the date. It is very important to follow these love tips.


#7 Remember your Manners

Another very important dating tip is remembering your manners while you are on a date. Women very much appreciate such type of manners. They also find it appreciative of spending time and getting to know you as a person.


#6 Look your Best

A lot of men do not think about how they usually look before going on dates because women pay detailed attention to all this. Make sure that you are well groomed. Secondly make sure that your clothes match and they aren’t wrinkled and it should look decent on you. This is one of the most important dating tips for men.

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#5 Go Somwhere that you are Comfortable

You might think that you are being a complete gentleman by making your date decide where you have to go on your date, but women would prefer you to take control. They would always prefer you to choose the place and make sure that she feels comfortable at the end of the day.


#4 Take Initiative

It is better that you take up the initiative especially when you are planning the whole date. One of the most  important dating tips is taking initiative. It is better not to get into some of the exchanges like ‘What to do next ?. Be confident and always make a recommendation.



#3 Don’t move too fast

For most women, online dating involves a certain amount of risk so it is better to spend time getting to know her online and through phone chats before suggesting to meet her in person so that she feels comfortable. This is one of the most important dating tips for men.

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#2 Call her to Confirm

“Call her to Confirm” is one of the many important dating tipswhere the men usually don’t pick up the women that they are going to date. Calling to confirm a date is much more easier and puts the women at a lot of ease.


#1 Be personable

Dating is all about getting to know someone personally. It is better not to jump to any conclusion. It also sets a very poor tome for the relationship’s communication. Be personable is one of the best dating tips every man should follow.