The Ten Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About Yellow Sapphire 


    Yellow Sapphire is a precious gemstone part of the Corundum family. It also goes by the name of Pushparagam or Pukhraj stone. The gemstone is widely used in astrology and is an excellent source of positive energy and spiritual healing. Yellow Sapphire is associated with the planet Jupiter and is considered one of the most valuable gemstones. 

    Yellow sapphire has a special place on every occasion related to Jupiter. Jupiter is one of the most powerful planets in astrology, and it governs several aspects of our lives. Wearing Yellow Sapphire can help you harness its power for your benefit and help you achieve success. 

    Here are ten secrets about yellow sapphires that shouldn’t be known to everyone: 

    1. It Is Highly Durable 

    Yellow sapphire is a member of the corundum family, which includes rhodolite garnet, ruby, pink sapphire, and padparadscha. Although it is often treated as a gemstone, it is a member of the larger corundum family. It’s a relative of a ruby!  

    Corundum is one of the hardest minerals on Earth. It has only two gemstones: ruby and sapphire. Diamonds are harder than any other natural material on Earth, but they are not the hardest material used in jewelry—corundum (ruby and sapphire) have that honor. 

    2. The Stone Is Associated with Jupiter 

    Pukhraj or Pushkaraj stone is the gemstone of the planet Jupiter. It is a strong gemstone that signifies wisdom, fortune, and prosperity.  

    This stone is ideal for people who are indulged in business related to finance, education, law, real estate, etc. As per ancient mythology, Lord Jupiter was born under a tree with yellow leaves on it that were supposed to be of Yellow Sapphire stones

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    3. It Has a Unique Color 

    Yellow sapphires come in tones from fancy light to vivid yellow. “Fancy” refers to a stone’s color depth; typically, smaller stones are lighter in weight than larger stones. Some pale stones have an almost greenish tint to them and are considered “fancy light” yellow or “fancy” greenish-yellow by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s foremost authority on gemstones.  

    Vivid yellow sapphires are often more expensive but can be found at a lower cost if you look for stones that aren’t as saturated with color — like gems with more golden or honey tones. 

    4. Yellow Sapphire Is the Birthstone for September 

    Pukhraj is the birthstone for September. It’s associated with the sun, warmth, and happiness. This stone is suitable for all ascendants except for Taurus and Virgo. One must wear this stone after consulting an astrologer to know whether you need to wear this or not. 

    5. The Stone Can Be Quite Expensive 

    The increasing popularity of the Pukhraj stone has resulted in many imitations being offered on the market. You can identify a genuine stone by its natural golden hue attributed to its chromium and iron content. The yellow sapphire’s rarity makes it one of the most expensive gemstones globally, with just one carat ranging anywhere from $1,000 up to more than $10,000. 

    The largest faceted yellow sapphire in the world weighs 495 carats and resides in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. 

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    6. No Two Yellow Sapphires Are Alike 

    Every yellow sapphire stone has a unique composition, and it can never be replicated even in the lab. The color and texture vary from stone to stone, each of which is one of its kind. Even if you try to replicate a stone, you will never be able to make a replica because every piece has its molecular structure and chemical makeup. 

    The yellow sapphires’ color ranges from lightest pale lemon yellow to deep golden brownish yellow, with hints of olive green or orange overtones. The darker shade is more valuable than lighter ones because less heat treatment is required. 

    7. The Stone Has Many Astrological Benefits 

    Yellow Sapphire is a precious gemstone that has been worn by royalty since antiquity. It has many benefits, including bringing good fortune, prosperity, and joy; bringing wisdom to the wearer; aligning the wearer with celestial bodies; protecting them from danger and misfortune; holding the secrets of the universe; aiding in meditation, bringing about clarity in thought and understanding of life’s challenges and obstacles.  

    It acts as a talisman against evil spirits, negative energies, or curses entering your body or mind while meditating or sleeping at night under a full moon (a yellow sapphire ring is preferred). 

    8. Yellow Sapphire Can Help You Get Married 

    The yellow sapphires can attract good things to you and helps enhance your luck factor so if you are planning to get married soon, then make sure that you consult an astrologer before wearing this gemstone. 

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    9. You Can Wear It Only After a Proper Ritual 

    After consulting a gemologist or astrologer, one can wear a Pushkaraj stone, as it has to be tested for its purity and suitability. It is recommended to wear a yellow sapphire ring on the index finger of the right hand on Thursday morning during Shukla Paksha. 

    Yellow Sapphire should be worn after purifying it in water overnight and energizing it by reciting specific mantras. 

    10. Yellow Sapphires Are Used in Watch Faces and Electronics 

    Yellow sapphires are used in watch faces because they are both beautiful and durable, and they’re known to be associated with wealth and prestige. These qualities make them an ideal material for luxury watches. Many people prefer the elegant and natural look of a yellow sapphire face with a gold band on their watches.  

    Another use for yellow sapphires is in electronics. They can be found in calculators and devices that need to measure time, like clocks and watches. They are also used in medical equipment like MRI machines and x-ray machines because of their ability to absorb the light without being damaged by it. 

    So, these are some amazing facts about the Pukhraj that you may have never heard before. These secrets make the stone even more exciting and enticing for the buyers. You can find its pure and authentic variety at stores like GemPundit, offering free lab certificates, affordable prices, and easy returns.