Problems faced by a girl with long hair


Long hair are loved by everyone. But there are only a few people who actually have the patience to grow their hair. Nowadays, most of the girls like short hair and only a few are left with long hair. Long hair may look very pretty but the girls with long hair have to face may problems.

1. They have to comb your hair well.

They cannot just open their hair and go out especially during summers. Most of the girls with long hair prefer making buns during the summers. More hair means more heat.

2. Making hairstyles

Girls with long hair can not make beautiful hairstyles on their own. Most of them make ridiculously bad braids because of the length. They do not have many options. They can either make a braid or a bun.

3. You may sit on your hair.

Only the girls with long hair can understand this problem. They may sit on their hair or the hair may get stuck into something. You have to be very careful while traveling in a public transport. Your hair may get stuck in the door. Your hair may be falling on somebody else’s body. Yeah! That happens.

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4. You do not get compliments. Your hair do.

You may be wearing your best clothes but people are more likely to compliment your hair. Your hair get all the stares. “You have got such pretty hair.” is the most common compliment. You must market a shampoo is another thing you hear everyday.

5. You have to answer many questions.

Well, it feels great to have such lovely hair people are curious to know how do you take care of your hair. You have to answer questions like, “How do you wash your hair?” , “how do you comb your hair?”, “which shampoo do you use?”, “do you oil your hair?” Etc. But you don’t ever have any answer to these questions. You don’t usually remember the last time you oiled your hair. And you end up giving vague answers.

6. You can’t even think of cutting your hair.

If you ever tell anybody that you are planning to cut your hair, be ready for the “lucky you” speech. People start saying that you must never think of cutting your hair. And speaking with experience, you cannot get your hair cut. Even if you go to a salon, your heart doesn’t allow you to get your hair cut.
But these problems seem very minimal when compared to the compliments. People with long hair are actually lucky.