Earn Money Online. No Easy Money only Hardwork.


It does not require a genius to predict that Lockdown will have serious effects on the employment opportunities. Whether you are looking for some extra bucks to indulge in or in dire need of money, internet can be the tool that will change your life if you give it a chance. You just need to choose smart and act wisely. This article is all about how to earn money online. Now, this is not a easy money game. It will require a lot of handwork, but it will be worth every struggle.

Get Paid For Surveys & Reviews

Companies pay you if you are willing to give them honest feedback through their survey. You can also do product reviews. The pay is not extremely good always, but something is better than nothing.


This will take tons of your time and energy. However, everyone has a YouTube channel these days. Why are you standing back?

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This is only possible if you know how to write. It can be your hobby which after time grows to pay you back. However, this too will take time to give returns.

Sponsored Posts

If you have a good following on Instagram and Facebook become an Influencer! Companies seek out individuals who can make them a brand.


This is similar to Sponsored Posts but there’s a difference in content and pay. Also, you need strong following online.

Language Translation

It is a good thing that most of the Indians are bilingual. If you can read and write well in any India language there is lot of content out there which requires translation. Many companies are looking for individuals and they pay well. However, the work is tedious and demanding. Also, you will need a laptop and internet connection.

Online Tutoring

If you are not a social butterfly with many followers to earn money, still you are not at loss. You can earn money your way by online tutoring. You can teach your favourite subject or skills to kids. Again, you will need a laptop and immense amount of patience for kids can be naughty.

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Open an Online Digital Store – Sell Your Own Product Online

If you are a painter, sketch artist or a craftsman why don’t you use your skills to fetch money? There are a lot of people who are willing to pay well for your master piece. All you need is to get under the spot light.


This is an option for experienced professionals. If this lockdown has cost you your job, it is time to make one for yourself. With your knowledge and skills you can guide people in need. A crisp message to all your friends and surely you will get some good clients.

Learn Stock Trading

Stock Trading is surrounded by taboo of being risky. However, it is so only if you are a fool. If you are good in money ad accounts you can learn stock market and do some investments.


Freelancing involves graphic designing, content writing, video editing and almost every marketing technique out there. You can use your skills to earn while staying independent. There are a number of platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, etc. on which you can make your profile.

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So these are some ways to earn money online. As mentioned before, nothing comes without hard work and patience. All the Best!