Best Google Doodle: 12 Games of All Time.


Google always comes up with new Doodle to celebrate its impression worldwide. Occasionally, it has created some of the best games for users to play. How many times have forgotten to search for you started playing on the Goggle Doodle games? Let’s go to some of the best doodle games launched by Goggle so far:

The Scoville Game.

This game was dedicated to Wilbur Scoville. The game is a simple battle between fiery pepper and cooling ice.


This game is frustrating for many. Yet, it is one of the best engineered doodles. It is difficult to get hang of it first. But once you do there is no stopping.


The soccer was also a cool game. It involve quick reflexes from the play. You were supposed to be the goalie defending the goal post.

Coding Rabbit.

This game was supposed to teach the basic idea of coding to kids. It is a set of instructions you instruct the rabbit to follow and eat its carrot. The game included cool use of pure logic.

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Hip Hop.

On the 44th Anniversary of the birth of Hip Hop Google did a small clip on how break dancing started and changed the face of music everywhere on the earth. Especially, with this game you could be the DJ any time you want.

Quick, Draw!

This game was a test to Google’s visual test. It is much like Pictionary with a Machine. All thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Remember the good old golden days when you used to group up with your friends to play Pac-Man turn by turn. Google gave a new look to this classic game.

Rubik’s Cube:

Remember that time when Google presented you with a virtual Rubik’s Cube? This was one of the toughest games by Google Doodle.

Garden Gnome:

This game is like Angry Birds with a Garden Gnome. Undoubtedly, it is fun to play. It is nice to see that something like Garden Gnomes should matter to Google. Go Green Google!

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Halloween 2016

Here’s a little black cat trapped in house full of ghost. It has five levels dominated by five ghost. The cat has to be fast to draw its spell and kill them. The best part of this game is that the cat is black in colour. Since, it is a superstitious belief in many areas that sight of a black cat is a bad omen. So the game is doing a good job to teach people.


A game of Cricket between grasshoppers and snails. Undoubtedly, a brain child of Google. This fun doodle was created to celebrate the ICC Champions Trophy. The game was extremely addicting and you will never have enough of it.


This Doodle was created to celebrate the U.S. Independence Day on 4th of July. Indeed, the backyard BBQ means a lot to the country. Google part-take in their happiness and let you gate crash the party with its interactive Doodle baseball game. 

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This is all about the most loved Google Doodle games. Which one did you like the best? Also, click on the links to fill up your spare time with endless fun. Happy Doodling!