7 Cliche Reasons People Give For Breaking Up


Breakups happen to be one of the most painful phases of a person’s life. It is followed by weeks of crying, seeing old pictures, listening to sad songs and hoping that things would have been different. And here is a list of the most common breakup lines used and what people actually mean. Happy reading 🙂


1) My Friends Don’t Like You

Truth : Well that is the one of the politest ways to put this across. My friends hardly have a say in my love life and even if they did, it wouldn’t be the only reason to break up with someone. So long story short, let’s end this relationship I am no longer interested in.

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2) My Parents Would Never Agree to this

Truth : That is going to be too many years from now. And trust me my parents are too cool to accept my decisions and to at least give a chance to them. But we all want long term relationships in the end and this is surely a sure shot way to get out of this relationship.

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3) You have changed

Truth : Change is the only constant in the world and we trust me when I say this, I wasn’t a bit like this when we started dating. Most of the change is a result of my own actions but I have heard all romantic characters using this cliché dialogue so why not try this too?

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4) You deserve someone better

Truth : Bleh! With a face like that, I am the best you could get and you know this too. But this is surely going to set you thinking and make the break up phase pass less painfully. However, do not dare agree to this. There is no better to best you know 😛


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5) I don’t love you anymore

Truth : I never loved you, I just thought I did. If it had been love, there is no chance that it would have faded away with time. There is no better reason that I can come up with, so let’s say this!

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6) I need a break to find myself

Truth : Hell yes and that break is going to last forever. I feel so stuck already and there is no way I would continue living this way.

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7) This is not the right time. If we are meant to be together, we will be

Truth : Trust me, if we were meant to be together, I would never use these filmy lines on you. This is not the right time is an understatement; no time is ever going to be right for this relationship.


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8) I Have To Focus On My Career

Truth : Who says that a relationship can become detrimental to your success, not in my case at least? But this probably is one reason that will make you hate me the least. So yes, career it is!


9) Lets be not ruin our friendship.We were better that ways 

Truth: Let’s face it.We should have never jumped to the next level.

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How many of these have you used?

Also, if you have any trademark lines, do let me know. And the people who have fallen prey to these, let’s hope your partners meant it  😀