6 things that prove that your friends are your second family


The basic needs of a human being to survive in the world are food,water,shelter,clothes and a family.A person needs a family that supports him in his bad times,appreciates him in his good times,scolds him when he does something wrong and gives him the values that make him a better person.A person needs his father and mother the most.They give him values to become a better person,provides him with his basic needs and he is always free to ask for some advice or share his feelings.A person also needs his friends.Friends are one of the most essential part of life.A person’s friends define his own character and nature of the person too.Friends are often referred as a person’s second family.Here are 6 things that prove that a person’s friends are his second family:-

1.They understand you

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A family listens to you and understands you.A person’s friends also understands him and helps him out in his bad times.Understanding each other is the basic requirement of any relationship.Family and friends fulfill this requirement.Friends understand your problems like a family does.They are always there for you.One can easily share the thoughts that with his friends and they understand him like a person’s parents understand him.

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2.They are your partners in crime



A family is a man’s partner in his good times.They celebrate in his good times and even help him in his good deeds.But,what about a man’s evil deeds?The way he needs a partner in his good deeds,he also needs partners in crime.For this purpose,he has been gifted with a bunch of friends.They never let him do any thing bad alone.They are always there with him in those moments and he enjoys those moments fully with them.They are there with him like a family.

3.They are never jealous of your success

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Nowadays,if someone is successful,everyone starts envying him.People’s behaviour towards that person changes after he starts achieving success.They start criticizing him after he starts achieving success.But,only a person’s family and friends are not jealous of his success.Like a family,even the friends ask for a party from the person in times of his success.They feel proud of their friend.Others just fake that they are happy at your success but your friends and family are proud of your success.This is because they know that you have done a lot of hard work to achieve that success.

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4.You hang out with them

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Whenever a person feels to hang out somewhere he either asks his family or his friends.There are some places where he can hang out only with his friends.Hanging out with friends relieves a person from his stressful and hectic daily schedule.The child inside a person comes out in front of his friends when they hang out.They do all kind of madness and stupid talks while hanging out together.The level of humour and fun is also very high.They all come up with evil and funny ideas.Thus,they fully enjoy hanging out together and spending time with each other.

5.They know all your secrets

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Everyone has some secret or the other.They usually share it with their family.But,there are a few things that one can not share with his family.So,a person can comfortably share such secrets with his friends.Friends not only keep those secrets with them,but also advice you what is good for you.You can comfortably talk about your recent crush,any dispute,or any other incident with your friends without any shame.This is due to the trust you have on them.They also have the same trust on you and hence,they also share their secrets with you.This gives the same feeling of comfort that one feels with his family.

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6.They help you in your bad times

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A person’s family is always there to help him in his bad times.Similarly,his friends are also there by his side to support him in his bad times.They support him in every possible way.There are some problems that one can never tell to his family.Problems like someone has cheated on you,you had a fight with someone,you have been punished by the teacher etc. are solved by a person’s friends only.They help him in every possible way and are ready for further help without any complains.They stand by your side like a family stands.Hence,friends are a person’s second family.