India is one of the fastest growing economy and the largest democracy. India has progressed a lot over the years and a lot still needs to be done. However, there are certain things that India and Indians do not need to change about. There are some things that make India unique and a lot more beautiful. From its vast culture to traditions to the diversity, everything puts India apart from other nations. Let us take a look at some of the things that we love about India. Here it goes.



What place could have celebrations every month and that too the ones that the whole country celebrates. Be it any month, you can sense celebrations in India in one way or the other. Leaving apart festivals like Diwali, Holi etc there are so many other fests that keep people engaged. The fun, the preparations, the get together and the shopping, everything makes the event a lot more fun. So if you are in India you can now start counting these festivals.



India is a huge diversity and an equally populated country. You can see an astonishing mix of cultures and religions. However, this is what makes India unique. Every city and town is populated with people who are dressed in different style and speak different languages. But this is what adds to the charm. You sit with a person from some other culture and religion and you get amazed by their lifestyle. This not just helps us know the other culture but we also get a chance to learn things from others. Imagine how a north Indian would feel if he couldn’t taste idli and dosa!



Marriage may or may not be an important event in other countries but India is a whole new chapter altogether. In India, marriage is considered as a life changing chapter in someone’s life. It is not the involvement of bride and the groom but their families too and that is why it is so important. So if you talk about marriage in India, do not take it lightly!



Indians know how important it is to respect the elders. Go to any public place and you can see the regard that people give to their elders. India is one of the countries that have the tradition of staying with your parents even after marriage. Thus, it is in the culture of the Indian families to live together for generations. And it surely makes the life a lot happier!


Go to any street or corner and you will surely find a restaurant or a street vendor. The lip smacking street food is India’s specialty and no one can resist the awesome taste. Apart from this, this diverse culture gives a chance to explore lot many food options that may not be common at your place. The variety in culture brings in variety in food and thus keeps everyone happy. In India you can never get bored, thanks to the countless dishes available anytime anywhere.