It has become so natural to have a girlfriend in this new generation of teenagers regardless of their age bars. You must have often seen couples hanging out everywhere, be it young children around 18 years or a matured couple of 40s,everyone has experienced different types of girlfriends in their life. Some of them are:

1. The cute and innocent one:

cuteSome of the girls are very cute and innocent in their behavior with their boyfriends. They are humble in nature, honest and caring. You will always enjoy their company because of their love and affection on you. Many couples lasts longer if they have this types of girlfriends in their life.

2. The attitude one:

show offThese girls are kinda show off one having a classy attitude with a thinking that people with notice them , especially boys. But the fact is people do notice them but they are not good for those who want long term relationship. These girls don’t understand the meaning of love and wants to hang out in expensive restaurants, wear expensive and fancy clothes , want to go ride in a expensive bike or car etc. One good thing about them I would say is they are the reason of new trends in our country. They are more suited to the fashion shows and beauty contests.

3. The 24×7 adjustment

You will also find girlfriends who understand you and loves you. They always care for you and know all your problems you’re in. They always adjust in everything that you offer them whether take it in foods,movies etc. These girls have a strong sense of humor and are always willing to help their boys with everything they could do. In this era, it is very difficult to find these types of girls because people moves where they see gold. Believe it or not, every girl wants her Boyfriend to take her out to expensive and luxury places and enjoy a lot which then would not be called a 24X7 adjustment .

4. The eclipse

eclipseWell, the Eclipse here means, “ Something which comes in your life just for a moment and then gets disappeared”. True indeed. Some of you might have these girlfriends who is with you for some moments like for 10 days at maximum. I call them eclipse girlfriend because just as an eclipse appears for some time and then go away, the same thing applies over here. There are a lot of reasons of going away like they might have not get what they want out of relationships or Bf’s must have been boring to them. Whatever the reason is, These types of girls do not get a boyfriend so easily in their life for a long relationship.

5. The chewing gum girlfriend:

The funny part of of relationship is that some of the girls are so sticky to their boyfriends that even sometimes they start feeling sick about them. Its human nature that every human on this earth want some time to spend alone and if they are not lucky enough to get these girls, I wonder their state. But the positive side is that girls don’t want their boyfriend to roam around with other girls. Some of them are very caring and shows concern for them. Moreover, they are of protective nature.

6. Jealous one:

jealous-GFSome of the girls are very protective about their boyfriends and don’t want their boys to talk to other girls. They get jealous very easily and then it is very difficult to convince them. This shows their love for them. Also they can be put in the above category because they always remains intact with their boys everywhere so that he don’t open his eyes around. They understand that boys are very clever and stalks girls even having a girlfriend which is the worst part of the relationship to a girl.Well, its a human nature.

7. The greedy one:

greedyLast but certainly not the least, Most of the unlucky guys do have a greedy girlfriend who always want their Bf’s to take them out to a luxury life , ride them in a BMW, etc. But going all through these amazing life , they don’t take a penny out of their pocket because they are totally dependent on their Bf’s. The day when all the boys stop giving them a life, that moment will be a grand success for the boys and a lesson for these girls on how to live and love them.


From the author: These are just my personal view of girlfriends which I have seen around me. This is not meant to offend any girl or their relationships.