5 things that pokemon taught us


Every kid loves watching cartoons.Watching cartoons is not only a source of entertainment for kids but,it is also a daily routine for them.Kids cannot live without the cartoons they watch.One of the most loved cartoons among the kids was pokemon.Pokemon is still loved by the kids.This is show in which there are hypothetical creatures known as “Pokemon”.This show reflects the story of its protagonist Ash and his pokemons and his friends and an evil force known as “team rocket” which is always behind their pokemons.Ash fights different gym leaders in pokemon battles in order to become the best pokemon trainer.Though this fictional show was very entertaining,it also taught us different values that no textbook could have taught us.Pokemon taught us the values which every human being must inculcate in order to become a good human being.Here are 5 such things that pokemon taught us :-

1.The true meaning of friendship   



The importance of friends in the life of a person is same as the importance of parents.A person without friends is as good as dead.Pokemon taught us the value of true friendship.It also taught us the meaning of true friendship.A true friend is always there by your side in your bad times.A true friends experiences everything with you even the struggle you made to reach a certain level of success.In pokemon,Ash displays his love towards his pokemons whom he considered as his friends.He is always there to help them whenever they are going through a bad phase of their lives.He motivates them,loves them and experiences everything with them.Even his pokemon love him the way he loves them.They also stay with him in his bad times,they help him out whenever he needs them.Therefore,it is not wrong to say that pokemon taught us the true meaning of friendship.

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2.Hard work is the key to success

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Behind every successful person there is a woman and a lot of hard work.Hard work plays a major role in determining the success of a person.A person who does not work hard may not succeed in his life.Without hard work,even one of the most talented person on the Earth can get his talent wasted.Pokemon taught us that hard work is key to success.In the show,whenever Ash lost against some other trainer he worked hard.He is shown as a hard-working guy who never quits and works very hard in order to succeed in his aim of becoming the best pokemon trainer.This is the way everyone should work hard in order to become successful in their lives.

3.Winning should not be the only thing for you

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Today,most of the people focus only on winning.Then only thing that matters the most to them is winning.For winning,such people even opt unethical ways which is not good.It is important to win and succeed in events but,it should not mean everything to you.A person learns only when he has experienced a failure.Pokemon has displayed this thing very well.Ash has lost a lot of tournaments in the show.But,he never used the theory of winning either by hook or by crook.He accepts his defeat with a smile.This is the most important quality that a good human being must have.After his defeat he never gets upset.He instead gets motivated for the next achievement and even encourages his pokemon.

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4.You must learn from your mistakes

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Making mistakes is not a big deal.Every human being makes mistakes in his life.It is important to learn from your mistakes.A human being’s biggest teacher is his last mistake.A person should accept his mistakes and keep them in his mind for the next time.Every mistake a human being makes,fetches a new lesson.One must have the courage to learn those lessons.A successful person’s key to success is that along with the hard work he does,he also learns from the mistakes he made and tries not to make them again.This makes him stand stronger the next time he attempts that thing.Pokemon also taught us to learn from our mistakes.Whenever Ash lost a match against some one,he identified the mistake that he made and due to which he lost.He works on that mistake and learns the lesson taught by his mistake.He keeps that lesson in his mind,never repeats the same mistake and hence,is able to win the battle when he again fights the person.

5.It is important to have a rival but,he is not your enemydownload (2)

A successful person needs to have a rival so that he can know where he actually stands.A rival is someone who tries to achieve the same thing that you are trying to achieve and therefore,he has a competition with you to achieve that thing.If a person has a rival then he will work hard every time to perform better than him every time and try to stay one step ahead of him.Hence,in this attempt a person always keeps on succeeding because he is working hard in his field.Though a rival is a competition for you but,he is not your enemy.When you are outside the field where both of you compete,you guys are good friends.A successful man keeps his person and professional lives away from each other.Pokemon displayed this thing in a great manner.In Pokemon,Ash had a rival named “Gary” who was professor Oak’s grandson.Both of them started their journey together.They were the biggest rivals.Gary’s success motivated Ash to work hard and achieve more badges and victories in order to go ahead of Gary.This really helped him to succeed in his journey.Though they were rivals but,they were not enemies.They helped each other when the situations demanded.Ash and Gary cared for each other.This shows the importance of a rival in life and also that a rival is not an enemy.