25 most enchanting places on Earth!


Earth is such a big planet, there must be some things which are not yet known. But let us not dwell on that. Instead, let us focus on the beautiful places the earth has to offer. These places are so beautiful that they look like heaven on earth, be it waterfalls, lakes, lost cities or caves, their beauty is mesmerizing. Listing them all obviously isn’t possible, but following are the most breath-taking places on earth. So I suggest you leave everything and prepare a bucket list which has atleast some of the places mentioned here!

  1. Lake Hiller,  Western Australia Lake-Hillier
  2. Dunnottar Castle, Scotland dunnottar-castle
  3. Illuminated caves, Japan Illuminated-Caves
  4. The mingus mill, North Carolina (Blue ridge mountains) the_mingus_mill
  5. Vettica, Italy vettica
  6. Heart Island, Maldives heart-island
  7. Bibury, England bibury
  8. Shirakawa, Japan shirakawa
  9. Aogashima Volcano, Japan aogashima-volcano
  10. Sea of stars, Vaadhoo Island in Maldives maldives
  11. Frozen Ice bubbles in Lake Abraham, Canada ice-bubbles
  12. Shibazakura flowers, Takinoue park, Japan japan
  13. Turquoise Ice lake, Baikal, Russia Turquoise-Ice-Lake
  14. Underwater forest of Lake Kaindy lake kaindy
  15. Anacapa Island, California arch-rock
  16. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine TUNNEL-OF-LOVE
  17. The Big hole, Kimberley, South Africa The-Big-Hole-Kimberley-in-the-Northern-Cape-South-Africa
  18.  Blue path, Keukenhof gardens, Netherlands Keukenhof-garden-flowers
  19. 1000 year old Yew tree, West Wales yew tree
  20. Seljaland Foss, Iceland selja
  21. Huayhuash, Peru huayhuash
  22. Moss draped rain forest in British Columbia forest
  23.  Karijini National Park, Australia karijini
  24. Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland Fairy-Pools
  25. Glow worm cave, New Zealand 
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Glow-worm-caveTo all the travel freaks out there, don’t worry, these mesmerizing places don’t just stop here. There are loads of other places which everybody should see. You will really be enchanted by their beauty!