15 Unexpected Uses of Toothpaste in Daily Life


A simple toothpaste has a lot more to offer than a healthy and beautiful smile. It’s few advantages make life all the way easier. Check it out for yourself.

Check out 15 amazing multitasking toothpaste uses

1. Relief Factor From Bug Bites and Burns

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I’m sure many of us are well familiar with mosquito bites and even bee bites. To keep a check to the itching sensation and for immediate cooling, a toothpaste can always be handy. If by chance you met with a minor burn you can apply the toothpaste a little over the affected area. And yeah this may not be the cure but at least saves us from agony.

2. Hand Deodorizer

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It’s a boon for many cook-a-holics out there. If you are messed up preparing any concentrated dish the odor of onions, fish can be suffocating. Washing with toothpaste and later applying lotion for moisture will do and you feel a lot better.

3. Bye Bye Pimples


While a pimple is many teenagers’ nightmare we have a solution. Apply a little of it on the spot and it absorbs the oil and reduces the redness. Isn’t that great news!

4. Make the Piano look at its Best


If the ivory is left dingy or dull then wipe with a damp cloth and a little toothpaste. Later wipe it with a dry cloth. It may take some time but your effort is worth it. Play your magic with all the pleasure!

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5. Defog your Goggles


Fogging can be irritating at times especially when you are in a competition. A tip is to wash your goggles beforehand with a little toothpaste and it avoids fogging.

6. Fixes your DVD or Mobile Screen Scratches


As time passes its obvious that there are few scratches on your darling mobiles or favorite DVDs. To fix the minor scratches we can apply toothpaste and rub with a cotton cloth. This makes the situation much better.

7. Cheapest Gold and Diamond Sparkler

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If your jewelry lost its shine rather than spending thousands of bucks from your pocket it’s better to apply toothpaste and wipe with a cloth. The new-look would bring a smile on your face and force you to cherish special memories.

PS. Don’t apply it for pearls as it may leave unwanted scratches.

8. Magical Stain Remover

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From a lipstick mark to a stain of ink, we can remove it off from our clothes by a simple technique to apply toothpaste and rub it vigorously and then just wash it normally and it works. And yes remember not to use whitening paste on colored clothes.

9. Scuff Remover

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It’s familiar trouble for fitness freaks and moms who have little kids whose shoes constantly get dirty with the scuff marks. All you need to do is just apply toothpaste on the scuffs and rub a little. The shoe looks all the way new.

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10. Removes Crayons From Walls

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If your kid’s happiness and creativity are not limited to drawing on the books but rather on the walls there’s nothing to worry about. Here also toothpaste comes as a savior. Roll your sleeve up and scrub the area with the paste and then rinse with water. You are done!

11. Make your Chrome And the Sink Shine

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Well, I hope you dint misunderstood with Google Chrome. If the dullness of the chrome or the weary look of the sink worries you, then an easy trick is to apply toothpaste and wipe with a soft, dry cloth. As simple as that!

12. Nail Holes Can be Covered

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Well, It’s obviously a typical remedy yet it’s of good help. Small nail holes look quite odd opposite the perfect ambiance. To make it better just apply a dab of paste over the hole. You are done with it!

13. Iron Cleaner

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If your iron box lost its look sometime back or if it looks ganky then grab a toothpaste. Apply it on a damp cloth and wipe the iron after you make sure that it’s cool and the power is off. Later wipe the same with another cloth.

14. Revive your Bathroom Shower Door and Vehicles Headlights


I’m sure many of us hate fog during drives as the damp headlights can’t focus the light aptly. To sort it out once and for all better you wipe the headlights with toothpaste applied wet cloth and then with a normal cloth. The same goes for a bathroom shower door and you will be happy with the result.

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15. Deodorises your Baby Milk Bottles

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Babies milk bottles eventually turn out to smell like sour milk. To avoid that clean the bottle with paste and rinse thoroughly and the bad odor will come to a halt.

16. Beautify your Fingernails

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Fingernails can get the shine and attention they deserve naturally with this small wonder element. Take a soft brush and apply to do mild buffing. But remember rigorous buffing doesn’t work and can put you in trouble.

If you use nail polish excessively, you observe a kinda orangish tinge. To get rid of it again a whitening toothpaste comes into the plot. When used with peroxide and again applied mildly it does the magic.

Your toothpaste is no less a wonder and a one-stop solution for all the problems. Jab toothpaste hain toh darna kya?!