1 epic troll video – Watch how Rahul Gandhi got trolled by Bengaluru Students.


Rahul Gandhi, The most anticipated name. He being a son of the country’s most visionary leader Rajeev Gandhi he could neither got his thinking or talkativeness. Well he is one of the most trolled politician in our country. He was consistently in media with his statements which are irrelevant at times. Remember the interview with Arnab Goswami ? Rahul Gandhi was almost cornered by him with the Women Empowerment topic. Rahul anyhow didn’t replied to that which is an other story. He was on media after this incident for many days. Recently he has been trolled by students of one of the college in Bengaluru. He has pointed out that “Swach Bharath” is not being implemented in the country. The crowd reply will make you laugh like anything… !! Watch it !!

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