Try Some Easy Crossfit Workout Routines For A Better Body


A Crossfit workout is meant to not only increase the overall stability of the entire body but also to provide more strength as well as endurance for the body. The regime of this particular workout comprises of a variety of different exercises which will help the body to remain in shape. However, before beginning with this routine, it is necessary to consult an expert. At first, these exercises may seem to be a little difficult. However, with time and practice, it will become easier to nail these moves.

The Theresa Routine

The Theresa workout routine is considered to be one of the toughest habits among all the different CrossFit workout routines. It is always recommended to keep a bottle of water handy while practicing this method as it can easily make you run completely out of breath.

Jumping Jacks


The workout begins with a hundred rounds of jumping jack and ends with a mile of running. It can be a tough exercise to do. Hence, even if it’s hard for you to nail this exercise on the very first day, there is nothing to worry about. Continued practice can help in the long run.

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Filthy Fifty Routine

This is yet another routine which is quite hard to overcome and requires a lot of patience and effort. However, a lot of determination is needed to finish the entire routine at one go. The method begins with a few box jumps. It then moves towards more strenuous exercises such as bench presses, jumping pull ups, burpees and so on. It is a crazy workout in many aspects.

Primary Crossfit

As the name suggests, this is a routine meant for beginners. It does not need any equipment to achieve the goals. The workout is also ideal for the people who need to lose some weight very quickly. It is necessary to complete five sets of each exercise in this workout routine. The routine has to be repeated twice. However, one break may be had after the first round. It is essential to stay focused while doing this routine.

Six Pack Abs

The six pack abs routine is perfect for those who wish to have a flat ab. The routine will have four rounds of exercises in total. It is basically comprised of five activities. After the end of each particular series of exercises, it is necessary to run a quarter of a mile. This is not a very comfortable exercise routine; however, it is very effective. Diligently working out with this method can produce excellent results by the end of the first month.

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Abdominal Crossfit

This workout has eight exercises which have to be repeated twice. There are, leg raises and sit-ups which need to be repeated around fifty times. However, all the other tasks need to be repeated a hundred times each. It is meant for people with a flabby stomach.

Helping With The Abdomen

This one helps to tone the stomach. It is essential to drink an enormous quantity of water along with such exercises. You must also breathe rigorously while doing these exercises.

Reverse Pyramid

This is a very effective routine. If the routine is diligently practised for six days a week at least, it is possible to shed a lot of extra weight in a very short period.

Box Jumps And Push Ups


The routine begins with some sit ups. It moves on to box jumps, pulls ups, pushes ups and so on. The workout can be quite insane. However, it will help to tone your body as well as change its shape drastically.

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Crossfit Countdown

The CrossFit Countdown may be regarded as the perfect combination of workouts. It consists of a combination of strength training and cardio routines. It involves jogging, walking, walking lunges, burpees and crunches. Such exercises are meant for beginners or intermediates who are just getting introduced to CrossFit routines. The routine has to be done two rounds at least five times every week. With this workout, a lot of diligence and hard work can provide very useful results.

Staying fit and healthy is not a very easy thing. However, it can be considered to be worth all the trouble. These workouts can transform your body and give you a completely different and new look.