Top 5 Best WordPress Hosting in 2020 [Fastest Speed+Cheap+Secure]



Hostinger is an extremely popular web hosting service provider among the blogger’s community that is secure, cost-efficient, and a lot faster when compared to other WordPress hosting service providers plus it gives SSL certificate for absolutely no cost which makes it ideal to draw more customers to your site.

They also have a team on standby 24/7 that will help you out with any problem regarding your hosting and the best part is it also has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like their service they’ll return the money to you. They value customer satisfaction more than anything.

Monthly: 199rs
Yearly: 1188
2 Years: 2136
4 Years: 2832 (Highly Recommended)


SiteGround is a top-rated Hosting service for bloggers that will help you manage your WordPress websites without any stress. They have the best in class technology that makes their platform incredibly fast and smooth. They also give you the option of migrating your data seamlessly while your site remains fully active.

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The security of the platform is immense and you can be assured that SiteGround will thwart any malicious attempts to break into your site. Their anti threat AI Bot stops between 500,000 and 2 million malicious attacks per day.

Monthly: 1,498.67
1 Year: 6,288.55
2 years:17974.99
3 years: 28311.95

Note: If you are a beginner Siteground is not recommended. Hostinger is the best alternative to Siteground.


One of the main criteria for using a hosting service is that it needs to be fast and WPXhosting is  Managed CDN-Powered Superfast website hosting providers that make sure that your website doesn’t get put off by the slow loading speed. This plan allows you to host 5 websites.

1 month: 1873.52
1 year: 18741.94

Note: This is only recommended for professional bloggers who maintain multiple websites and already earn a good amount of money, not for beginner bloggers because it is costly.


Almost everyone knows GoDaddy. Yeah! Right MSD is the brand ambassador of Godaddy, it is the most popular site for domain purchase. The reason we added Godaddy in this list is just because it is popular and almost every beginner buys hosting from this. 

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GoDaddy has a great team for sure that is online 24/7 that’s going to assist with whatever issues you have related to your site. But Godaddy is not a recommended hosting provider. Ask any professional blogger they will not recommend GoDaddy. Either they will recommend Siteground or Hostinger.

We understand you are curious to know why they don’t recommend GoDaddy. It is because of bad experience like website speed and another reason it is owned by an EIG company that owns 80+ hosting different hosting companies.


Bluehost is a very famous hosting service provider specifically for WordPress platforms and the reason is it is recommended by WordPress itself. 

BlueHost offers different types of hosting like shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It also offers Virtual private server (VPS)  hosting which makes your domain very secure. Bluehost provides SSL for absolutely no cost. For Bluehost, customers are the priority as they offer 24/7 support and are very helpful whenever needed.

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1 year: 5352.91
2 years: 8906.53
3 years: 10660.84