Top 15 Visa Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad


Nowadays most of the people are looking to shift permanently to the US, where they go in for an immigrant visa. Whereas on the other hand NIV (nonimmigrant visa) is given to a person who has having a permanent residence outside the U.S but is wanting to be in the U.S on a temporary basis such as medical treatment, study or work basis.

Before understanding ‘how to choose an immigration consultant?’ let’s understand ‘who is an immigration consultant?’

An immigration consultant could be an individual or an agency which helps you to emigrate from one country to another. The responsibilities of an immigration consultant are to access your visa approval chances and prepare you for a visa interview; follow legal documentation procedures and proofread to ensure that everything is accurate and error-free to increase the possibilities of immigration; and guide you in all facets of immigration, including family sponsorship, express entry, refugee claims, permanent residency, or study/work in the country concerned.

Some of the important points to keep in mind when choosing an immigration consultant and protect yourself from fraud?

  1. Ask someone you trust to recommend an immigration consultant
  2. Authenticate if he is licensed to practice and give you advice.
  3. Ask the representative about his training and experience. Ask questions, clear all your doubts, and be careful of someone who won’t answer your questions.
  4. Discuss what assistance he’ll provide plus his fee. Get a written contract and read it carefully before you sign it. Make sure everything is mentioned clearly as you discussed.
  5. Don’t handover original documents or photos to your representative.
  6. Don’t sign blank forms or applications, read the documents carefully before you sign, If you don’t understand them, ask someone to help you translate.
  7. Be sure to get advice from several people before you choose immigration consultant
  8. Beware of representatives if he encourages you to provide false information in your application because It’s illegal, and you could be denied entry into the country or deported after you reach there.
  9. Get the xerox copies of any documents your representative makes for you.
  10. Protect your money and remember: Any time you pay your representative, get a signed receipt and also don’t deposit money into a personal bank account or transfer it through a private money transfer company.
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Discussing this, we are presenting you with the Top 15 Visa Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad.

Top 15 Visa Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad

15. Eminence Immigration Consultant Pvt Ltd

Eminence was established with the sole purpose of helping aspirants who dream of settling abroad and fulfill their dreams of migration. It is one of the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad as it has a team who are expert professionals and have extensive exposure and experience in the respective fields. They ensure hassle-free immigration solutions to its thousand of applicants also meeting the requirements of different countries. They have designed their policies based on these requirements thus making them one of the top immigration consultants in Hyderabad.

14. Sanctum Consulting

Sanctum Consulting is simply a one-stop solution for all your visa and immigration requirements. It provides personalised visas, immigration, business consulting services around the world making it one of the best immigrant consultants in Hyderabad. They adhere to the delivery of world-class customer service through well-trained and experienced consultants through superior technology. They also believe in conducting its business in an ethical and transparent manner, pioneering them towards being top immigrant consultants in Hyderabad.

13. Eagle9 Visa Consultants

Eagle9 Consultants is one of the top immigration consultants in Hyderabad with an effective methodology for picking up candidates in place. It was established in the year 2007 with the primary aim to cater to the need of manpower requirements in various industries. It is considered one of the best immigrant consultants in Hyderabad among the small corporate, large corporates, and multinationals. It has actually carved a niche among other consultants and has emerged as one of the best consultants in Hyderabad.

12. Abroad Consult

Abroad Consult is considered one of the top immigration consultants in Hyderabad which has a core team of professional people with more than twenty years of domain experience in this field. The consultants in Abroad consult have precision in knowledge in a wide spectrum of immigration, visa processing, and related services. They ensure hassle-free and prompt services through handpicked executives which make them one of the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad. It ensures their executives undergo rigorous and in-depth training according to the norms and rules required in different countries. 

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11. CanAuz Overseas

CanAuz Overseas is one of the fastest-growing and best Immigration and Visa Processing Consultant In Hyderabad which offers a wide range of services that includes immigration, visit visa, student Visa PR, and tourist visa. It is basically an end to end, extensive and reliable visa processing service in various categories that makes it one of the top immigration consultants in Hyderabad. Their systems and working procedures are of global standards where they explore, hire, train, and nurture extremely talented resources to cater to its customer requirements.

10. MehRaj Human Resource And Immigration Consultants

This Visa immigration consultant in Hyderabad provides the supply of personnel for various overseas for any category as per the requirement of the client. Situated in ABIDS, Hyderabad this is a must-visit place for people who are seeking visas to go to countries like the US and UK

Mehraj Consultancy

9. MoreVisas Immigration and Visa Centre

It is one of the best visa immigration consultants in Hyderabad. It provides credible immigration and consultants in India. This was started in the year 2003, where they had believed that it had the potential to become a successful business in the future. Professional counselors assisting round the clock and have a specialization in the field of visa services. They provide visas for various countries like Australia, the US, Germany, UK, and many other countries.

Morevisas Immigration Consultancy

8. Global Tree

A consultant that had started in the year 2006 by the Alapati brothers to help students make sure that their dream to go abroad would not go in vain. The main Head office is in Punjagutta and has a strong network throughout AP. It started providing visas for 1 country and from then on started providing educational services. It also increases its services to other types of travel categories like permanent resident visas and visits visas.

Global tree

7. Opulentus

Located in Jubilee Hills this consultancy has good support for visa immigration with good teamwork. They are truly those visa professionals who will make sure that the persons’ work is done until the end and the struggle would not go in Vain

opulentus Immigration consultancy

6. Royal Visas

This is one of the best visa immigration consultants in Hyderabad that is located in Banjara Hills. It provides a range of services for people who want to go overseas. With excellent customer service and offer solutions, there are offices which are located in India, Germany, and the USA.

Royal Visas Consultancy

5. Sowrya Consultancy

Considered to be one of the Top 10 visa immigration Consultants in Hyderabad, Sowrya Consultancy Pvt Ltd was started in the year 2006 which promotes only global education in AP. It offers guidance in the field of working abroad, migrating overseas, study abroad as well as settling abroad.

Sowrya Consultancy

4. Akkam Visa And immigration consultants

It provides solutions and requirements to the clients and all visa services across the globe i.e Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and the USA. They ensure that they maintain a lifelong business relationship with their clients based on trust. They deal with Visa Immigration for Australia, Germany, Canada, UK, and many more countries.

Akkam Immigration

3. Visa Avenue

With the Head office in Delhi and an office located in Hyderabad in the prime location of Banjara Hills, this is one of the best Visa Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad moreover India. There are visa professionals who have a lot of experience in the visa industry that guides the immigrants to the country that they would want to go to. The key services provided here are Resume Building, Case Study/Analysis, Letter Drafting, and Visa Application filling

visa avenue

2. Y-AXIS Jubilee Hills

Located in Jubilee Hills, this consultant provides you with a lot of options and guides you throughout the process after signup i.e consulting the best course of action after viewing your profile and gives you the best suggestion. This consultant had started in the yeat 1999.

Y Axis consultancy

1. Aussizz Group of Immigration

Aussizz Group of Immigration focuses on complete client satisfaction, keeping in mind the aspects of the client. With the team of professional registered migration Agents, they have evolved into a huge group with a team who expertise in counseling, understanding the client’s requirements. It is the best visa immigration consultant in Hyderabad option for people who want to move to Australia

Aussiezz Group