6 Things We Plan For The Vacations Vs Things We End Up Doing


So the vacations are finally here. All year long, we look forward to these two months hoping to make miraculous changes to our lives in this span. However, most of us are well aware of the fact that the to-do list for vacations usually goes a waste. It is in fact like new year’s resolution, all of us know that we won’t fulfill it, but what’s the harm in having one 😀 Here is a list of 6 things that we all plan to do during the vacations and the things that we actually end up doing!

Plan: Getting Fit

Reality: Worshiping all kinds of junk food and gaining weight instead. For students living in hostels vacations are when our mothers get to shower their love in the form of ‘desi ghee ke paranthe’ and at least 3 types of sweets for dessert. God forbid if you tell them that you intent on having a control on your diet. Get ready to hear a 15 minute lecture on how hostel food has made you so weak that you look like you have just got over some serious illness.

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Source : Google Images
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Plan: Learning Something New

Reality: Forgetting everything that has been taught so far. Every time you convince yourself that it is the time to start, an inner voice shouts “I have god damn 15 more days” and all of us know how convincing that is, don’t we? In fact when we pick up pens and pencils after two long months of vacations, it seems as if we have forgotten how to write.

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Plan: Waking Up Early

Reality: Sleeping at 4 a.m. in the morning after watching an entire season of a sitcom or two movies in a row and waking up at 2 in the morning when your entire family has tried ways to wake you up and then they finally turned the air conditioner off.

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Plan: Skincare Routines

Reality: Avoiding bath as long as possible till your mom threatens to throw you out of the house. Not shaving because it apparently takes too much of effort.

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Plan: Read books

Reality: Well not particularly referring to the geeks out there, most of us make a reading list for ourselves for the vacations and end up reading none of them. Not that we don’t try, it’s just that whenever we pick up a book there suddenly pops up a facebook notification/ our mom calls us for dinner,/a friend visits us or sleep starts hanging heavy on our eyelids.Life has too many distractions it seems 😛

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Plan: Spend More Time Outdoors:

Reality: Lie in bed all day long, philosophizing life and making promises to self which shall never be fulfilled.

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There lies huge satisfaction in knowing that I am not the only one who ends up doing virtually nothing during the vacations. So if you connected to the list above, leave a comment.