Taylor Swift’s ‘D’ Best Songs Of The Decade


Well when it comes to Taylor Swift, she has been a Diva in a true sense. Ever since she started off her career as a Pop country artist with her album ‘Taylor Swift’ in the year 2006, she has amazed everyone with her warm contemporary music compositions along with some excellent work when it comes to writing down the lyrics of those beautiful songs!

She has recently completed her 10 years of music career. During all this time, she made us show what she felt at every point of time in her life, be her relationships or anything else that she needed to speak on. She has the art to convey her thoughts through her lyrical compositions.

With so much love by her fans and the kind of talent that T- Swift exhibits every time surprising the audience, no wonder her new Album Reputation is topping the charts on the Billboards and her YouTube video for the same is one of the highest viewed music video with her  latest pop track ‘Look what you made me Do’! With Taylor back again after a long gap of two years,  let’s go down the memory lane that reminds us the best of the T-swift songs from her initial album to the last one 1989 !! Put on your earphones to start off with the replay mode.

Taylor Swift's ‘D’ Best Songs Of The Decade

Our Song

‘Our song’ is a fast track country song that was included in her first album ‘Taylor Swift’. The song was the third solo and composed by her for the freshman year during her high school days. The song is truly a treasure as it shows off the innocence and the excitement that we all feel in love for the first time. We are sure that every time you listen to this song it reminds you of your love story during your school or college days!

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Taylor Swift's ‘D’ Best Songs Of The Decade

You Belong With Me

‘You belong with me’ was one of the best and all time favorite’s from T- Swift album ‘Fearless’. The song was released in the year 2009. Well, this song can be related to every girl who had a high school heart ache where there was a guy who never considered her special and she also had someone else who had an eye on her love. Every detail on the song is well written that it actually makes you feel those complex emotions of her that she went through.

Taylor Swift's ‘D’ Best Songs Of The Decade

Dear John

‘Dear John’ was the title track from her album ‘speak Now’ which was received quite well. The album basically has a mix of love and heartache tracks. Dear John was composed keeping in mind her long time ex-boyfriend and the popular singer John Mayer. Well, the songs tell that ‘you should have never taken advantage of me considering I was nineteen’. she openly declared war on him through her words where she says that ‘ took your matches before fire could catch me’. People get connected to her songs very easily due to the fact that she writes about her life which we all can relate to ourselves at some point of time in our lives.

Taylor Swift's ‘D’ Best Songs Of The Decade

State of Grace

Taylor Swift song ‘state of grace’ was a 2012 release from her the album ‘Red’. This song describes how strong love can be and is going to be in course of time. The song is different from other country tracks as it’s the music over here which is the proper rhythmic mix of  drums and guitar that  are highlighted along with her amazing high note echo when it all says ‘“I never saw you coming, And I’ll never be the same.” This is one of the most enduring songs of T-swift tracks as non-single!

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Taylor Swift's ‘D’ Best Songs Of The Decade

Love Story

We have many songs that are composed and themed to convey out a love story. But this song has stood out among the rest of the songs. The song video is beautifully conceptualized. The lyrics convey of how two can get connected within a short time and how a relation starts off showing that tales can be true in the real world! We can never forget the lines ‘It’s a love story, baby just say Yes!

Taylor Swift's ‘D’ Best Songs Of The Decade

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Well, this track was from the album Red. It’s the first track that ranked no.1 in the Billboard’s hot chart. It was a sincere and honest attempt when it comes to Pop music from being a country pop artist. The song is stressed on the point that it’s time to move on and we are never back together showing sarcasm of how things can turn up to be if ignored in a relation!


The song ‘Mean’ is from one of her well-known album tracks ‘Speak now’. The album has different tracks where Taylor swift has conveyed something that is meaningful and realistic when it comes to our daily lives! This song goes for all the T-swift haters who dictated her that she can never be the one who she is currently. The song is about bullying which gives out the message loud that no matter what you say, I really have a bright future!

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Taylor Swift's ‘D’ Best Songs Of The Decade


‘Style’ is from her previous album 1989 that was released in the year 2014. Well, we all know that this is a peppy, refreshing and a fast beat pop song which sparkles the relation that she had with Ex lover Harry styles! The song tells how much a girl can be attracted to a guy! The lyrics and the music amazingly sync together making it one of the best songs of her career!

When it comes to Taylor swift tracks, we can keep on adding the list of songs. With her last hit ‘Blank space’ and her new album ‘Reputation’, we are all set to enjoy ourselves with T-swift music to release out our stress as nothing can beat Music. A day with T-swift tracks and a good sleep on Centuary mattress is one of the perfect relaxation means at home!

Taylor Swift's ‘D’Best Songs Of The Decade