10 Self-Care Apps To Level Up Your Health Game


Are you stuck up with your plans of self-care but having troubles to follow through it? Do you tend to procrastinate a lot? Are you in need someone to remind or help you follow your goals? Self-care apps have been introduced for the wellness of an individual in economical ways and ensure well-being.

Good news, you can be independent when it comes to self-care with the help of useful self-care apps. Nowadays, most of our tasks can be done through apps with just a few taps.

Here are some Helpful Self-Care Apps To Level Up Your Health Game!

1. Happify

Happify app - Self-care apps

Play games and activities concerning your mental health goals and track your daily progress.

2. Headspace

Headspace app - Self-care apps

Suggests meditation activities for various conditions like anxiety and stress.

3. Aloe bud

Aloe bud app - Self-care apps

Provides personalized daily reminders for drinking water and taking medications.

4. Flo

Flo app - Self-care apps

Track your period, pregnancy and ovulation. Update daily mental and physical symptoms to get professional advice and solutions.

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5. Reflectify

Reflectify app - Self-care apps

Have personalized journal entries and track your daily progress.

6. Calm

Calm app - Self-care apps

Consists of plenty of tutorials on meditation and mindfulness. It also offers you relaxing audios and stories; aiding good sleep.

7. Offtime

Offtime app - Self-care apps

Provides insights of your smartphone usage and blocks you from using distracting apps according to the goals you set.

8. Fooducate

Fooducate app

Tells you how healthy your favourite foods are and counts your calorie intake. It also gives you food recommendations depending upon your food history and helps you to plan a balanced diet.

9. Shine

Shine apps - Self-care apps

Sends motivational messages based on your self-care goals on a daily basis and increases your confidence.

10. Spotify

Spotify app

Provides songs and playlists based on your interests. Also, lets you listen to various relaxing audios and calm your mind.

Let us know your favourite apps among these in the comment section below!